First ride and an intro.... (maybe a little long winded)

Not sure if this is something that is considered etiquette on TT, but I figured since all the other bike boards I have been a member of you do it so I figured I should do it here.

Started riding an old beater ring ping ping two stroke in college and got hooked on riding. When I went to grad school I lost all my riding time, solution street bikes. So I got an old 650 Yamaha cruiser and started riding street. Moved in with a couple guys on sports bikes and thought, man that's what I need! So three months ago I bought a Suzuki SV1000S, at first it was fun but I quickly felt that it was fun because I could go 90+ mph on the freeway and not even blink, the bike wanted to go 120+. I quickly realized the insanity, for me best case I was going to end up with a nasty ticket and worst case... I end up well dead!

So I what did I do, what any reasonable person in my situation who's best friend had just put 17's on his DRZ I realized that I needed something like a DRZ that would be fun in the city, fun in the twisties, and dirt capable (since well that old beater dirt bike I had is in many pieces right now, stupid stripped out bolts). So up went the SV on craigslist and the hunt for a DRZ began. Well today was the day, a guy with an 07 DRZ400S wanted an SV1000, and I wanted a DRZ. So the trade was made.

First reaction on the 50 miles ride home from work, man I got screwed this thing is gutless at which point I quickly remembered, I have 600 less ccs, no fairing to protect me from the wind, and was on a much lighter, taller bike. And also 65/70 mph the bikes starts complaining and buzzing because you only got one cylinder, especially with my big 215 lbs frame.

This weekend we'll take it up in the hills and hit the hills a little bit to see how it handles. Can't wait to get the knobbies on there and let 'er rip in the dirt as well. Some point perhaps we'll get some 17s on there as well, maybe the 440 kit. Who knows.... we'll see...

Overall, I really look forward to getting to know this bike.

Extras that came with the bike:

* Dynojet jetkit

* K&N filter

* Yoshimura TRS full exhaust system

* Hotcams stage 1 intake and exhaust cams

* Michelin Sirac tires are brand new

* Acerbis Cyclops headlight

* Trailtech Vapor computer

* Braking wave rotors

* Moose steel braided brakeline

* Cannon racecraft fork and shock springs

Welcome :thumbsup: If you are looking for a little more power, do some research on getting a FCR carb for your Z. Its much more of a bolt on than a big bore kit and you won't be disappointed with the power it gives. I grew up on dirtbikes, but have owned a GSXR 600. For the street riding I do, the DRZ is great! You don't have to be going 100+ to have fun. Look into opening up that motor a little more, you should be happy :thumbsup:

+1 Welcome :thumbsup: Don't worry, soon you'll be having so much fun, you'll forget you've lost 3 cylinders. I know I did! :ride:

Actually I only lost one, SV is a twin. When you look at thing it looks like two drz motors strapped together.

And I think that for the street riding I do, I think that the DRZ will be more than capable.

Welcome aboard! The DRZ is a nice bike and yours came with several goodies. TT hosts a great community here. Try an FCR carb, 3x3 mod if not already and adjust gearing for more performance without digging into the engine yet. I try not to do much highway with mine, but for short stints with 15/39 on SM wheels and a throttle rocker makes it nice, can carry ~80 mph for a little while no problem.

Get some TT case savers if you don't have anything protecting your side cases yet. I think you still get a coupon when you join.

Sweet. I will have to get in touch with the previous owner and see if he did the 3x3 mod or not.

All you gotta do is pop the seat off and see if there is a 3" by 3" hole cut in the top of the airbox.

Welcome, you'll find riding a DRZ enables more of what motorcycling is about. Shifting gears, not letting the end of the pavement stop you. Tons of modifications to do with a DRZ, all a matter of taste, money and desire. FCR is a 'must have'. Losing the stock tail light is also a 'gotta do'. You will find a million suggestions and any questions you have will be answered quickly by others who have done the same mod so you'll never be left in the dark. Do a read of the stickies at the top of the forum. Will save you a lot of time to read them before you need the knowledge they provide.


Welcome to TT .. this place is awesome for knowledge on anything DRZ.

hey elk guy good choice for the fun factor , ride to the dirt and keep are the sirracs off road was wondering ? I do lots of asphalt but ride w/my kids on weekend on the trails.:ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride:

Welcome to TT .. this place is awesome for knowledge on anything DRZ.

:prof: :prof: :ride:

Welcome, I got rid of a bmw r1150rt for a DRZ, I am still happy about it, no regrets. have fun, its the name of this game.

Thanks for the kind welcome. It took all my focus to not just sit at work today reading about DRZs and supermoto. Fun fun fun.

Got my 400S 4 mo's ago. I've allways loved motorcycles and have owned many. From Honda Express to Hawks to Shadows to GoldWing and finally got an off roader. What was I thinking all these years! I should have gone off road long ago. Now I hit trails on the way to and from work every day or whenever I feel like it. No prep. Just go! I will admit though, I do miss my fairing, but only when the big bug gets me.

Siracs aren't bad, pretty sticky for there width. The guy who owned it before me thought that this is about as close as you can get to supermoto without 17's. Though I wouldn't go that far, there pretty good. Certainly much better than knobbies on the road. :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride:

Right now I am looking for 17s though. Got a lead on some KTM LC4s, just trying to figure out if $750 is a good enough deal to take them or keep looking :cheers:

+1 Welcome :thumbsup: Don't worry, soon you'll be having so much fun, you'll forget you've lost 3 cylinders. I know I did! :ride:

Well, actually one cylinder... but I know what you meant. :thumbsup:

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