Whats Your Oldest Bike Vintage -veteran

100_7392.jpgHere is a pic of my 1916 Trusty Triumph model 'H'. Purchased 50%complete as a basket case and over 4 years transformed it into a ride of a unique experience . Its a 550cc 3 speed belt drive 4.99 hp with a top speed of 28mph.This is where it all began,well before my time but the pleasure of owning and riding a piece of history is something that i have knocked up as a highlight in my riding career.I hope some of the modern bikes are around in ninety:ride: years time cos im sure i wont be. Thanks to Anna for your assistance to load a pic.

Wow, and I thought my 1970 Honda CT-70 was old:crazy:

Sounds like a work of art!


My oldest bike is a 1956 Harley Davidson Model 165 "Hummer". Originaly they came as about 6 hp, but mine is around 11 now, I would guess. Top speed was 45 mph, but mine has had tranny changes and final drive gearing for about 65 mph. Next is my 1975 Honda XL350. Both are raced in flattrack. Then would be a 1978 Honda XL175. The rest are all 1999 or newer.


Mine would be my 1974 RD200. Currently under the polishing wheel.

I had some Kawasaki J1's not too long ago.

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