How do I tighten the flywheel nut?

I replaced my cam chain and now i need to put the flywheel back on. How do you hold the crankshaft in place while tightening the nut. I thought maybe put the bike in gear, but that didn't seem to work.

Please help!


put it in a high gear and have someone stand on the break.

if that doesnt work for you just get creative theres tons of makeshift ways to get things like that done srry i couldnt be more help someone will have better ideas

use your noggin youll be surprised at the things u can use to hold it in place while u tighten

Try using a strap wrench or a oil filter wrench on the OD of the flywheel.

Give the man a cigar. I used a metal strap oil filter wrench worked great.

Don't over tighten that flywheel nut, or rap on it with anything. That pinion on the flywheel end of the crank is made of butter.

Don't ask me how I know this.

But still make sure it's on there tight enough to not back off....don't ask me how I know!

Thanks guys. I ended up sticking a large screw driver through the sprocket while it was in gear. I think i got it tight because the clutch slipped. At least i hope it was the clutch slipping and not something breaking.


one thing you can do is, take a ratchet with a plastic handle and stuff it down where the crank/rod is, it will jam up against the cases locking the engine, you can get the flywheel torqued to the 47 ft lbs easily... It doesn't hurt anything. Thats what I did on my last job where I had the cases split to replace a crank/rod assy.

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