SSR110 A-1 good first pit?

Went to the stealership today and looked around at a few bikes but everything so dang pricey there for what I want to do with it. Im simply looking for something to beat around on the backyard and in parking lots with friends. Will not be racing it or jumping it much at all. Is the SSR110 A-1 a decent bike for this? I saw on outlaw it runs for 799 shipped, havent really found it anywhere else. (anywhere else cheaper?) Im about 5-10 and 220 so Im sure my big a$$ will be rough on anything i get.



go for it, it looks decent, and if outlaw is selling it it must be quality. in your case it isn't worth it to spend 3grand on a bike you wont be racing so 800 should be great for your purpose

look on ebay i have a ssr b2 plus 06 for 950.00 great condition.

Here is a video of an old version of the A-1 with my quad buddy riding it. He is around the 210 mark. He has had if for about 2 years now.

Also here is the SSR90R similar to the A-1 but a bit sportier with a quicker reving motor and a bit nicer overall quality of controls and details. The A-1's motor is a slow rever but loads it has loads of tourque.

This is an excellent bike for the price ! I would highly recommend it for you, as it would certainly meet the requirements you mentioned. Keep us posted !

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