Rm250 serious clutch problem

OK guys...im gonna throw you a curveball here...me and all these so called "mechanics" I know cant figure this one out...PLEASE read through and help me out.

Bike:2004 Rm250...A few months ago I notice my stock basket was pretty bad notched...so I put in a Moose clutch basket, moose plates, and also new springs...Worked fine, no problem. I did notice though that i had more slack in my cable than usual. I had to adjust it out in the cable...no problem. Now it is time to replace clutch plates because the moose ones started to slip...so i get some barely used wiseco plates from my uncle for his '06 Rm250...(just being cheap...i only planned to use this clutch kit for a ride or two and then change it before some races i have this fall...) anyways..I put the wiseco plates in there...and there is WAAAY too much slack in the cable...too much to adjust...weird...i checked it...took everything out and put it back in 100 times...still doesnt work...I figured that they were different plates...or worn out, or something...so i put the moose ones back in...no problem...they work...just still slipping...So i order a TUSK kit...try them out...they did the same things as the wiseco plates...Im know that there is nothing wrong with the basket...or the tusk plates..They are basically the same as stock plates...and the moose basket is supposed to be the same as stock. So they should work...well they dont. There is way too much slack in the system. The push rod barely even hits the pressure plate. Nobody can explain it...you think there could be something wrong between where the cable connects to the arm and the rod pushes on the pressure plate? Or could the basket maybe be installed incorrectly? Tomorrow afternoon im gonna take the basket and hub out and check em out...and also measure the clutch plates...to see whats diferent about the moose plates...why they work while the others dont.

Thanks for any help...I really need it:thumbsup:

its time for some more :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride:

You can't adjust the slack out? Hmmm

I was thinking thicker (than OEM) plates would cause the adjustment to be off. But unable to adjust for it with the housing adjuster is wierd. I am sorry if this sounds elementary... have you adjusted the housing portion out? Not just from the perch. I am assuming you have, but did not want to overlook it.

Could the basket be part of the issue? Something, though new, is machined wrong and makes it difficult to accept fresh plates? Maybe mixing some new and old plates....not ideal, but something to shorten the stack?

I am just brainstorming here.

I am going to have to dip into my 04's clutch someday so I am interested in what happens here. :)


the tusk plates are Junk, as are most aftermarket clutches....they run different thickness fibers and steels, and different length springs so you cant swap and change with other brand parts since the stack height will be wrong and it wont adjust properly.

the best way forward is to get new OEM fibers, steels and springs- they updated them in 2006 so run those.

if you cheap out and dont replace everything at once, you end up junking the new stuff by running it with the old and spend more in the long run.

also, on the fresh clutch, leave the lever adjustment really slack since they go out of adjustment sometimes when new and you can burn them out really easily.

midwestaction has the good deals on RM stuff.

I would remove the springs and stand them next to the stockers you took out and compare the height. If they are the same then I would suspect a washer between the hubs or the basket and case are missing and causing the slack. I would remove the entire basket and hub and make sure everything is there. Another things is when you adjust the clutch with the old plates and basket did you remove all the slack in the cable and re-adjust the cable for the new plates?

I have a tusk clutch, and it works fine. They are not junk.

yeah guys...nothing is wrong with the products i have purchased...something is wrong either with the installation of the basket...or some part in the motor that actuates the clutch

and yes...i adjusted the cable out as far as it would go...from the housing and at the perch...

Call up your dealer and see what they think.

yeah theyre no help either...i was just wanting to see if any of you guys knew more than i did about the clutch system of the Rm250, and could tell me what could possibly be installed wrong, broken, or worn...i guess all i can do is take it all apart, and check it out..

Have you taken into account that cables will stretch over time? Have you adjusted it on the case also? You could missing something internally though, my buddy's had a similar problem on his old cr250 and he had left a tiny ball bearing out and the end of the push rod, i've never worked on a RM250 clutch before. .

I just did my clutch and there is a needle bearing at the end of the clutch pushrod, check it. Also buy a new cable and make sure you have the washer between the hub and the basket.

i bought a new cable...and the throwout bearing is installed correctly

Something similar happened to me on my 02 rm250 when I installed a new clutch basket. I could let out the clutch completely in gear and it wouldn't move an inch and adjusting the cable wouldn't help. It turn out to be a washer that goes between the basket and the hub. I accidentally placed it somewhere else when I installed the basket. After putting it back where it belongs, the clutch worked without a problem. Right now I'm runnig a Vortex basket and a Tusk clutch kit. No problems yet. Hope that helps.

IMHO it sound slike your lever arm and pushrod are worn. They are not hard to fix and dont cost very much. The lever arm gets worn because it has a little notch at the bottom where the pushrod engages it. It is just a small lip so it wears out pretty quick.

Suzukis have the most finicky clutches I have ever seen.:excuseme:

I would make sure the washers are in the correct way. It sounds like one is in the wrong place, creating more space, dorking up the adjustment. See if you can look at a microfiche to make sure it is assembled correctly.

I put one together wrong one time and it stayed locked. I went back through it and saw where I goofed up.


aight...i took the basket and hub off...everything's there and installed right. the only thing i can narrow it down to now is either the lever arm that the cable attaches to, or the push rod... is worn or something...but would that make it do what its doing?

Did you install new springs?

If you've verified that all the pieces are installed properly, try rotating the release arm (the one on top of the housing) counter-clockwise. This will help take up extra slack in the cable.

It also sounds like you're having a problem with the plates if you're burning the friction plates so fast. I soak mine in 30wt oil prior to installation, then take it easy on the clutch for ~30 miles to let them get broken in. It also helps to clean up the drive plates (400 wet/dry sandpaper works) and to make sure they're not warped. I use my clutch like I hate it - it's basically a turbocharger to keep the engine on the pipe - and I've yet to burn any plates. Of course, YMMV.

Well whats the word turd... Is it fixed or not:ride:

um yea...i pulled the arm out....and its pretty worn....i ordered a new one and it should be here before the weekend. Ill let you know. Thanks for the help everyone

and my clutch wears out fast because its gotta haul me around..check out my pics...lol

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