Mike Brooks

Hey All,

I just want to say what a nice guy Mike Brooks is. Met Mike for Lunch on Saturday at this very cool Mexican place. Food was incredible and the beer was cold and wet.

The gentlemen that Mike is, he even paid for lunch while I was doing a number 2... maybe he thought I dies in there.. :) Then, he and I spent a few hours at his place watching the Game and smoking cigars.

OH, and not to leave Brian Meadows out. he is also very cool and great to hang out with. But, he did not buy me dinner... :D

Gentlemen, if I can gauge the rest of you against Mike and Brian, then this trip will go down in history as the craziest campaign in Moab.

See you all soon.


No worries Mitch. I'm an a-hole so I should easily bring the group down.



[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 07-26-2000).]

Hey Mitch - YOU were supposed to buy ME a beer and you successfully pawned that off on Jennifer or Tracy or whatever her name was....

Guess you'll have to buy the beers next time your in town.


Bryan, mate, friend, chum, etc...

You are super cool also, but the only thing is that I have not met you yet. Dont worry, Kevvie, Dougie, Clarke, Bill, etc... And Yourself are on my A-ONE list

Gotta gatch a plane home


Thanks for the compliments Mitch, the feelings are mutual. I was getting ready to call the paramedics to come get you in the bathroom :). That hot sauce went right through you :D. Is that your first case of "Tijuana heartburn" ? Call me next time your around and we'll get Brian and anybody else that would like to come and go out for some SCREAMIN' mexican food.

Gosh Mitchy,

Chicks buying you brews...What is up with that??

The last time a chick bought me a beer, I MARRIED her. I offered to just pay her the $2.50.

She insisted on me marrying her instead.

I have never looked back. I am so happily married, I don't know what to do with myself. I LIVE to please my wife, Alisa! I cannot repay her enough for putting up with my crap in the early years (and her recent discovery of the $297.00 Pro Action fork re-valve on my credit card). She THOROUGHLY enjoyed watching me squirm and dance my way through that explanation. I wanted to draw her a graph of damping curves and spring rates to enhance her knowledge of exactly why this re-valve was so vitally important. She declined my offer.


The last $300 I spent on my bike that was discovered by my wife, ended up costing me another $500 at the local mall. It is amazing that a woman can spend $500 and not bring anything of substance home!!!! If damping curves and spring rates and DB charts will work I will try anything to avoid the extra costs each time I try to sneek one by. :D By the way, my wife still has never bought me a beer, but I here Mitchy looks good in a dress so maybe in MOAB he will buy us all a beer if he truly does exist. :)



98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing

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