White Bros XCR Install

I get my exhaust tomorrow. I will be installing it tomorrow evening. I will post some pics of the install during and after. Also I will post some results of any difference that I can feel.

Got my exhaust in. It looks good, unfortunately it had a small dent. Not big enough for me to send it back though. It is not as long as everyone thinks, it is more narrow which makes it look longer. I am still waiting on a chain and new sprockets before I can take it out and ride! Enjoy the pics. I will update after I get to ride it.

Beautiful White Bros Box


I am sure UPS made that small dent



It's really not that much longer, it slips right on. The clamp is not used. Loctite is recommended.




96db USFS approved beauty


It is about 2 inches longer


i think that 'dent' is for brake caliper clearance... check out the stock 04-05 crf250s... they had a huge 'dent' just for that reason.

No I don't think so. It is just a dent. It is more narrow then the stock can and the stock can doesn't have a dent. I am still waiting on my RK chain and sprockets before I can take it out.

Looks good, I just bought a White Bros Carbon Pro for my Kawi 450. They are great looking pipes.

How long before you ride it? I'm interested to hear. First time I saw this can, I thought it looked 5 feet long. Not as bad in your pics.

I have to buy something. Sanctioning is requiring ~96 db and spark arrestors for this year.

Let us know how it runs, plugged up and fully open.


I was retarded and ordered some stuff from Bike Bandit. I am waiting on a new RK chain and sprockets which were ordered on the 1st. Of course Bike Bandit just says the shit is on order. They don't have it in stock even though they said 2 days shipping time. I am going crazy, I haven't even had the chance to kick it over yet because I don't want to put the wheel back on without the parts. I will update as soon as I get it back together.

So anyway I got the chance to take this bike out last weekend with the new pipe installed. It is definitely quieter than the stock pipe with the insert in. I did not have the chance to take the insert out because I was riding in a state forest where spark arrestors are required. I am going to head the the motox track one of these days though and test it out. It definitely has some more bottom end power.

definitely want to hear how it runs with the insert out.

Me too! I live in a gay ass neighborhood and I have to take it to the track to test it. I got pulled over by Lt Dangle (Reno 911) and his bf in their Porsche Boxer last weekend. He told me he would impound my bike if I rode it around the neighborhood again. His boyfriend actually shook his finger at me and said "Bad Boy". I wanted to ride my motorcycle right over his car and I also resisted the temptation to blow him a kiss. I will let you know if I take it out this week.

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