Sure you don't wanta go orange?

looks like the elephant man's forehead .

Wow that thing has elephantitus badddd:eek: ........take it out to a field and put it out of its misery:cry:

Looks like a pair of teets to me . What's the seat height on that beotch ?

hahahaha creative !

that's not a tank I'd want to see in my garage... but to each his own.

"Filler up please, and make it whole milk."

Some things are just wrong.

That is one of them.

Not a good tank to have i would probably crash quite a bit with that thing.

Hahaha & Ugly!!!!!

so the ktm 690 sm im looking at to replace my stolen drz isnt the ugliest orange bike out there....thats a relief

All you need is some orange tassles.

i like the color, but man that tank has to go:crazy:

I don't know man I just happened to see this on the site and thought I'd pass it along. Kinda funny I guess maybe not.

dude wtf? that was ugluy!

LOL!!!!! Nice!!!!!

it's a work of art. seeing it any place but a museum would be very inappropriate.

I'd rather run out of gas.

Nice teets!!! I do her!:applause:


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