Pilot screw missing

I lost my pilot screw this past weekend and need to get a new one. A fellow tt'r told to me to go to the honda store and I could get one there. I do not want to spend fifty bucks to buy a float bowl and all the other parts when I only need the screw and the o-ring. Does any one know where I can get just the pilot screw?

The part number you are looking for from Honda is 16016-KSC-671(for 2002-2005). The kit includes the adjustment screw, srping, washer, and o-ring. Ron Ayers has them listed online for $16.20 and Service Honda is showing $14.42. I bought mine at a loca dealer because they had it in stock and it was 22 bucks.

Thanks c bach that looks like exactly what I needed!

Also, if you ever want just the o-ring, spring, and washer, you can get them separately at the Suzuki dealership. These arae often lost when this adjustment screw falls out..........

I would suggest purchasing an adjustable fuel screw. Scott makes a nice one. It is like $20 bucks. You'll still need to purchase the spring & washer though.

Also if you had that thing @ 2 1/2 turns out or farther that is the probably the reason it fell out. If more than 2.5 turns out you need to run a bigger pilot jet.

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