Bent handlebars

I lost a battle with a birch tree and bent my stock bars (XR650R). I have DirtBikePro risers and Cycra pro-bends, and had the thing set up the way I wanted, so I am looking for replacement bars that are pretty close to the height and pullback of the stock bars.

Any idea which aftermarket bars are pretty much a drop in replacement for the stock bars?

I'm still researching, but I thought someone might know.

Im in a similar predicament.

How bad are they? You can always bend them back? as long as no cracks in the metal...

Moose has a nice line of 7/8 steel bars for cheap.

If i recall the 'high bend CR' renthal is the same. Don't let the "high bend" name fool ya..There not that high.

I have a set of stock bars in the closet. Used by an old lady to drive to church on Sundays. :smirk: PM if you are interested and we can arrange a transaction. :excuseme:

You are pretty much hosed on trying to find a replica bend for the XR bars. Way more sweep (pullback) than a normal bar. The CR High bend bars are much flatter than a stock XR bend. Which honestly is probably not a bad thing for many people, but since you liked the stock bend that is probably not what you really want. I threw the stock bars on my 650 away as soon as I took my first one home in the spring of 2000.

Your best bet may be to use an ATV low bend if you want to find something with a similar pullback to the stock XR bars. Some places may still make a steel bar with an XR style bend, but I really am not sure. I wood look for something that says "Woods" bend (as in the terrain, not Nathan) and also check the mfg. specs for the bar with the most pullback.

Good luck!

i have 2 pair of Renthals in garage ill donate if someone donates the shipping??? dont know the bends but can look, email me at

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