James Dean Jettings ??????

I recieved my special order needle today it has a Yamaha nub of 5JG-14916-EP. Is this correct. I am in so CA running fire trails 3000 to 7000 ft, and at Glamis (sea level). I'm zy timed, power core iv2, (waiting for back ordered power bomb header). I beleive I'm running 185 main and 45 pilot I am running a zy needle cant remember which one. My point is my bike runs excellent and starts basicly on the first kick. I have never even looked at the spark plug let alone fouled it. So where would you recommend I start with the jets and clip position. Bike has a little over 1000 miles on it. Thanks for your help.


Yes, the part number is correct. Needle code - EKP

The best position for most configurations seems to be clip #3 (3rd from top) and about a #170 main jet( *** revise that to #165 based on latest feedback) depending mostly on temp and altitude. The clip positions I have heard of being used with the EKR range from #2 to #4 and I suspect the same for EKP.

James Dean

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