Fried 450X Starter

Here's a couple of pics of a completely thrashed starter. The windings are still good and how that could be possible is nothing short of a miracle! There's a starter rebuild guy in town says he can fix it good as new...amazing. Pics are not the best but gives you an idea.



I think I need some glasses:p

Kinda fuzzy, bubba.

Bad pics...Sorry....You can see the brushes are completely shot and there's nothing but soot and rusty lookin' crap on the armature contact. The inside of the starter is charred....What's amazing about this is that it's fixable so I'm having it rebuilt and will keep it as a back up. I've been kick starting it since it I burnt the starter up in February so I'm happy to have the magic button working again....Funny 'cause one of the biggest reasons I got the 450X in the first place was for the button.

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