TC250 2006 Model Supensions. Lowering Height

Ola peeps....

Just bought a 2nd hand bike, TC250 and wondering what is the safest way to drop the bikes height. I am converting it into a supermotard and its still tad high for me.

how do i drop its rear suspensions in a safe way? we already dropped the front forks up to a limit. its still higher than a normal SMR450 Husky! Pls halp.... ;)

Welcome to TT.

Sent both ends of my bikes suspension to a suspension shop for service, re-valve, and lowering and that worked well for me.

Before doing that my rear spring was backed way off to lower the seat which worked 'ok' but don't know if that would be appropriate for SM use.

Best of luck.

Thanks a mill! Will make a plan.... :)

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