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Loza Sticks It

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Made it look easy. Most creative this year-way to go, nice job.:applause:

Seems like a real nice kid who throws down huge.:worthy:

From those who are not in the know......WATCH THIS.

That is a sick trick for sure!

Even more!!! Including a Volt to Heel Clicker into foam. I think the 720 Volt is in the not to distant future.

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after the trick, he throws bike down and almost loses it, sliding down the ramp.

that would have been embarassing-best save of the night and he wasn't riding!:applause:

Also: that brown guy pulls a twitch on a skateboard- and walks away.

Amblaance Murray - biggest heart- could have driven brown to hospital in that piece. Anyone got a spare throttle cable? He wadded that thing up bad.

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