2001 yz250 forks

I think its time to freshen up my forks on the ol YZ. I purchased the bike used and have no idea when this was last done. I am only going to replace the oil since the seals are still fine. My question: what weight oil and how much should i put in? Mostly ride mx and some trails here and there. The previous owner had it revlaved for his weight(we weigh the same), but he primarily rode enduros and cross country. The front seems too soft esp hitting larger jumps. Should i get it revalved again or would thicker oil help a bit?

previous owner had it resprung as well ^^^^

You should have the bike sprung and valved for your weight and riding style. I consider it part of the purchase price of a bike.

anyone else?

That answer's not good enough???


I'm not a big fan of using thicker oil in lieu of springing/valving unless the oil is part of the tuning process with a properly sprung/valved bike. My experience is that it tends to make the bike ride overly stiff, and doesn't really help with the big stuff. Thus the short response.

You can try a 7.5 wt but the problem is oil weights vary a lot from the publised one, eg some 5wts from one company are actually thicker than a 7.5 from another.You need to measure the oil amount from the top of the fork with the damper rod in but no springs, you dont measure it in amounts as such.I dont have the spec for your bike but i am sure mx tech or race techs website will have.

Use a 7.5 wt And fill the oil to 120mm below the top of the fork tube with the tube and damper rod all the way down. Make sure to purge the inner chamber of all air while you are filling up the fork with oil. You do this by adding oil almost to the top then pull the damper rod up and down, fill with some more oil and pull it up and down again until you feel all the air purge out, then set your oil lvel.

Good luck, Rob

thanks for the info guys!

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