hair line fracture in cam cover, help!

Hey guys,

After a valve adjustment on my DRZ 400S, I was tightening the head cover bolts and one kept turning (not good). My intake cam cover thread was toast. I took it to a machine shop at work and they put in a timesert type thread and new screw, but a hair line fracture was noticed which runs along the side of where the bolt screws in, going over the lip on the top where the bolt snugs down on the cam cover. It's real small, but it's there. I looked all over the place and found out you can't replace cam covers, you gotta replace the whole danged cylinder head ($500). Any ideas where I can get an intake cam cover for a 2003 DRZ 400S ???? Or can it be welded? I don't think so as it's casted aluminum.



JB? maybe?

It can be welded.

Weld it, or JB weld it, either way end the crack with a drill hole to relieve the stress.


I JB'd it. We'll see how that goes.

i have a hairline fracture in my hand:cry:

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