Fork kicks from side to side at fast speed


Im riding a 98 YZ125. the fork just got refreshed 3 months ago. (bushings, seals, oil) im about 140lbs with all the gear. got the Compression set almost wide open and the rebound about 6-7 clicks from wide open. SAG set correctly.

The suspension feels really great and plush most of the time but when i speed up, usually in higher gears and over 40 MPH, as i open the throttle on roads with small-medium rocks the front end gets very cranky and the forks are like kicking from side to side very hard, no matter how hard i hold on the bars. gets me really tired and i already had a big High Speed crash becuase of this.

what can i do against this? could the problem maybe lye in the rear shock setting?


Does it get worse or better if you add fork compression damping? Are the forks set to the proper height in the clamps?

If all else fails, get a Scotts damper, but I don't really like the idea of masking problems with one of those.

(Do get one eventually, the bike will ride much more docile)

MX bikes sometimes do get unstable at decent speeds, they are designed to steer tight at low speeds generally, you may need a steering damper, do you have the forks flush with the clamps? this will help.

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