07 XCF250W..Cant keep it running..

A friend I ride with just bought his kid a 07 xcf250w..After a few short rides..about 3 to 4 hours....it wont stay running...we fire it up...ride about 300 yards...it dies and wont restart...Took it back to the dealer...he raised the needle a groove and ran it ...he said it was good to go..get it home ..ride 300 yards to the stop sign ....dies , cant get it started...

were there any issues with this bike..??? Im assuming the dealers mechanic doesnt know what he is doing...and its a simple jetting issue...

More than likely, you have to work a little to keep this model running until its run in, At about 8 to 10hrs is gets much looser/better and the jetting needs to be corrected by replacing the stock Needel with the SXF needle. Run the idle up too to help reduce stalling. This model isnt much fun until about 10 or so hrs as the motor is real tight plus it takes time for the rings to seat amongst other stuff, suspension.

Ran great for about 3 or four hours.....broken up by cool down periods....It dies after it gets up to temperature...and then acts like it flooded...I took the air box cover off...turned the fuel off...and cranked it for awhile..then it started....turned the fuel back on....put the airbox cover on....and rode it down the street , around 300 yards....died again ..wont start..

Sounds like your float level may be off, is it dripping fuel on the ground from the overflow tube? I have also heard of some having problems with the plug cap, causing this.

no, no fuel on the ground... New bike...new plastic fuel tank....maybe a piece of plastic in the carb...clogging a jett.?? I just dont understand why it runs....and then quits....its not spitting any coolant either like its getting too hot.

If it was running fine during the few hours of brake in then is either a float level or a pluged jett. Check also that you don't have too much oil on the air filter.

The answer is....The notorious ktm gas cap.....Riding fine with it not fully closed..gas cap vent not working..

The answer is....The notorious ktm gas cap.....Riding fine with it not fully closed..gas cap vent not working..

Good call possibly, i have never had this problem or the plug cap problem on any of my KTMs. It seams there is one every once and a while that has this. Remove cap and remove the ball out of it.

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