Gear lever correct maintenance ?

Sorry, that might sound a little odd but i need some tips about maintaining the gear lever. I already got through 2 levers in just 7 months because the teeth completly wore and the lever couldnt hang on to the shift shaft. now i baught a new one, yamaha geniune off course, and i dont want it to end up like that too.

So, every few rides the lever naturally get a little bit of free play on the shaft, do i just need to tighten the bolt a little bit, or do you suggest replacing it every time? consider that the tighter you put it, it bends a little in his home and in my last lever the bolt just broke inside and i needed to drill it out to get the lever off the shaft!

also, is there any kind of special washer or bolt which is recommanded?

lonzo I believe the failures that you are experiencing are related to your splines becoming damaged and you over tightening the shift lever bolt to compensate hence damaging he shift lever. The most common way the splines become damaged is because the clamp bolt becomes loose. I would strongly suggest that you use a thread lock compound, this should help prevent the bolt form coming loose. Keep an eye on it.

are you banging the shifter hard when you shift...??? are the splines on the shaft wore or damaged..?? when you tighten the bolt..make sure the spline are engaged properly...Its only aluminum...wont put up with too much abuse..

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