finally figured how to jack bike up

100_0162.jpgBeen trying to buy a centerstand for ages but can't seem to get one so finally figured a way to get each wheel off the ground. I had read on some forum before about this and it works very well. Put on a stock skid plate and put a stud on the front of the plate to get the front wheel off the ground and one on the back of the plate to get the back wheel off the ground. I use two 6 inch extensions and a socket to get the back one up and two 6 inch and one 3 inch extension and socket to get the front one up. I realize you would not want the studs sticking down if you rode off rode a lot but I don't ride off rode. Just thought I would share
100_0166.jpgRear wheel of ground. Kinda hard to tell by the photo but the wheel is a couple inches of the ground. I also put a rubber crutch end on the end of the 3/8 inch extension so it would not slip. Walmart here sells one that fits perfectly.
100_0167.jpgThis picture shows the location of the studs and the tools used

Wow, that's a creative solution. Thanks for sharin' it. How's the stability of it... say, can ya actually break and axle nut loose without it collapsing?

You sure can. I have acually taken a tire off and it is very stable. Also the tools are carried in my regular tool kit. I don't even want a center stand any more.

That's an innovative idea with tools at hand. Someone posted a cool little stand they made up awhile back for the same reason but wanted a bit more stability from the base they used. If I remember right they used a 2x4 or 2x6 with a groove cut in it for the foot peg cut to the right length to hold the bike up. Thanks for the idea!

Make some kind of rubber footing for the bottom and it should be very stable on smooth surfaces too!

:applause:excellant idea

It does have a rubber end on it. It's one of those rubber tips for a cane I bought at Walmart. They have one that fits the extension perfectly.

Dual star sells a center stand that will still work in conjuction with the side stand. I don't have one but it's worth checking out.:thumbsup:

Dual Star advertises a center stand for the dr650, but call and ask if they have any in stock and see what the answer will be.

Well hell yea,,, good 'ol american ingenuity :thumbsup:

Awhile back a fella kept having his bike falling over when sitting out all night.. Seems others have had it happen when the wind blasted it on the left side....go out in the morn' and :eek: Phhhhuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkk:eek: my bike(gas bleeding, bars racked, turn signal busted:foul: )

I bet a smart guy like you could put one of your nipples on the right side and prevent the tip over deal ?

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