Tomahawk Aug 11,12th

Originally I was thinking long lake/Misaukee...Though wolverine is a little further to go,I think it will be well worth it.Any advice/info to make our trip more enjoyable would be appreciated...I will post our experience when we return:ride:

Sturgeon river campground or weber lake ?

Never been to the Sturgeon River camp ground...but Weber Lake is the worst place to go if you don't like mosquitoes (who does?). I'm not exactly a city slicker either. I've spent lots of time out doors and in the woods. No joke, they will swam you as soon as you get out of the car, have the spray can ready. That was the beginning of June...not sure if the dry weather will have changed anything. Just wanted to forewarn you.

Aw come on, mosquitoes are part of the allure of camping.

I've not stayed at SRC, but it seems okay. It's going to be very hot and dry out that way and you have to ride a couple of miles of dirt road to connect to the C loop.

There is also Malones Cabins right outside of Wolvertucky. Look like nice little cabins - I think they have air. On Old 27 with the Sturgeon River flowing by, definately more scenic and green than SRC. You would have to be plated though, or trailer your bikes to the parking lot.

Here's something off mapquest on Malones:

Correction: the place I was thinking of on Old 27 right outside of the village of Wolverine is called Bollinger Riverview Cabins 231-525-8889.

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