amalgamate YZ into WR chat site

we've just had an interesting chinwag over on the YZ 'site' (if that's the right word)about the P-38 accelerator pump (jet) & it's been recommended that we bring it here.

i read everything avidly for 4 months before registering & have noticed how little the site is used.

i had no idea when i started how much people would try to turn their YZ's into WR's & the WR's into YZ's.

so bryan, is it time they came under one roof?

the filly that wound everyone up last week with her KTM scribblings did keep putting up WZ as the index of our bikes. i ask aloud if this shouldn't be hereby the identification of a certain type of hybrid?

my first thought's are that a WZ should be a YZ timed WR. your thought's gentleman?

in England to call someone a Wus is a very mild rebuke to someone for not being braver or more daring. you would softly rebuke a child for instance with it. how is it over the pond? Liberace's nick-name?

lot's there folks so fire away.


I also think it would be a good idea to consolidate the two boards, especially now that the 2001 models will again share a lot in common (engine wise).

If the person posting specifies in some manner as to what model they are refering to, the reader can judge whether they are intersted or qualified to make a remark/suggestion.

As soon as the 250F's are available, I'm sure that a lot of there users will be able to use the enormous knowledge base that exists on this site.

My 2c worth


I agree. I have found good info on the YZ websight, but it does not have the traffic our WR websight has. MANY of the YZ guys have the same questions we have had. Unfortunately, they do not have the amount of members, therefore the wealth of knowledge, that has proven so beneficial on this websight.

Think I should combine the YZ and WR web sites?

I just don't know what to do!

Advantages: Since many parts of the bike are the same, it could be useful to have all the info on one site. Plus it seems like those with YZ questions post on the WR board anyway since it gets more use.

Disadvantages: What do we do when Yamaha releases the WR426, YZ250 and WR250? Too many bikes on one site?

About a year ago I asked if folks would want to have all Yamaha thumpers on one site or seperate sites. Most voted for seperate sites. Think it would be good to combine them? I'm open to suggestions. I'm easy :) (don't go there Kevin and Mitch)



I think the one common feature of the WR/YZ/400/426/250's is the technology that makes up the motorcycle, eg experience gleened on a 400 can be applied to a 426 (even if not verbatim).

If we could have another field in our profiles, in which we can specify our motorcycle type (YZ400-98,WR400-00 etc), could this not be displayed under our "UserName" in the "Author" & "Topic Starter" column headings, to give users the option of ignoring posts that they might not feel relevant ?


So Bryan...

Now don't sugar coat anything. What EXACTLY are you trying to say about Mitch's and my (sense of humor - I hope) :) ??

i would first of all say that the YZ owners are just not getting the 'entertainment' we are. bit like an empty disco really isn't it? if nothing happens you have to move on-life is too short.

when a springbok put a post up recently saying wide ratio box great for YZ i thought now that really is it. these two models are so intertwined it's unreal!

the 250 models will have an energy of their own & most of the stuff posted will be for a different bike & thus of very little interest. i'm always interested in what is happening on the YZ400/426 site because EVERYTHING is relevant.

Bryan you've given it a year what do you think? once again-you're a star mate.

So much in common, so very little different. As a long time poster on both boards I see nothing but gain to being united.

WR426 / YZ426 General Discussion anyone? :)

or maybe

YamaThumper General Discussion ? :D


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I also think its a good idea..

I have a YZ but spend all my time here! :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Vist the Rubber Chicken Racing Online Shop

Discounts for ThumperTalk members.

Have 2 Yamaha thumper sites:

1) WR 400/426 & YZ400/426

2) WR250 & YZ250

The first group have virtually all the same components and accessories. Modifications, and tuning are applicable to both WR and YZ, obviously bearing in mind their applications. Similarly all the components and accessories to be developed of the second group will be the same.

I definitely think you should combine them. It is a hassle to go back and forth, trying to keep up and not miss anything useful. You could add the 250F and see how that goes also. If it is too much, you can split it off later.

Scott F

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