Oil Cooler Debate!!!!! Help!!!!!!

Ok, I thought I would try to find out some answere's to some of my ???'s.

So, I think everyone can agree that the radiator oil coolers are a little better than the billet coolers. But how much better?????

Here is an example of the "billet oil cooler"


I think we all can agree that sgr is a good company, and will back their proucts up. Some upsides to this cooler are:

1. No fins to get damaged.

2. And the $75 sale price!!!! Thats hard to beat!!!!

Here is an example of a "radiator style oil cooler"


Again, we all can prolly agree that trail bikes is a good company, and is behind their products. Some upsides to this cooler are:

1. Curved, radiator type for more effective cooling over billet coolers.

2. Two different types of mounting brackets.

These oil coolers are almost twice the money bringing $139, which is still reasonable.

Now we are down to the "EBAY" oil coolers. (please note: you can find staggs, tb, takegawa, and more big name brands on ebay also)

Here are a few examples of the "EBAY" coolers:



These companies wont show much support, so be happy with what you purchase. They are selling for around $65 shipped, so no big deal if you wreck, and need another oil cooler. You wont be out $300 that you spent on your takagawa oil cooler.

____Now Look here!!!! As you look at those last 2 ebay links you will notice that these oil coolers are mounted in a different location. :crazy: :crazy:

These coolers dont use the side mounting bracket. :excuseme::eek:

This can bring up a new subject all on its own. Should I go with the normal mounting style cooler, or this style that connects to the bottom right engine case????

Which is a better cooling location???

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

Now if your not bored of reading all this stuff Ive typed up, what if?????????

YOU COULD USE TWO OIL COOLERS!!!!!!!! One could be coming from a side mounting bracket, and the other from the right side engine case.:applause: :applause:

One of these:


And one of these:


Or would this cause problems??? I would think you would need to fill your engine with more oil than called for to accomodate for all the oil constantly running to and fro the oil coolers. Is this the right Idea????

FINALLY, if anyone like outlaw, sgr, tb, or anyone else would like to donate an oil cooler, or some $$$ to answer these ???'s, I plan on running some tests. I would provide the engine that MIGHT be in harms way, and the oil, temp guages, and time. Might be worth a try!!! Thanks in advance!!!:ride:

Please leave all replies to someone that knows what they are talking about, or EDUCATED guesses. Thanks

Just a note that dratv is selling their radiator style oil coolers with adapter for $60 shipped on ebay. (Already got mine!) Better cooling AND low price. Buy two and run them inline for room temp oil for $120.

alright.... who deleted my post?


The double cooler idea was done ,long time ago. Questions about oil pump capabilities came up ,among other concerns. If there was an advantage to it ,then every pro would be running it .

I agree with Puma (for once).

There really isn't a need. One oil cooler is plenty. Heck, I ran a 124SE for almost a year without ANY oil cooler. Didn't have a problem, she just ran a little hot. :ride:

One should suffice. Do you want to do this because you're over-heating with one..... or just so you can say you have something cool? :applause:

I dont have enough money for both, but I want something to protect my 146 stage 3 motor. Its all I got man.

I dont have enough money for both, but I want something to protect my 146 stage 3 motor. Its all I got man.

I can personally guarantee you that my 124SE has more ponys, and will run hotter than that kit. And I can tell you, one oil cooler is MORE than enough to keep these bikes running nice.

I have a 124SE and a stroked 160 with monster valves. Only the SE has an oil cooler and haven't had a problem with over-heating. And I rev them HARD.

K, thanks guys. Ill be looking for a tb oil cooler!!!!

K, thanks guys. Ill be looking for a tb oil cooler!!!!

that's what i'm running. works nice!

The double cooler idea was done ,long time ago. Questions about oil pump capabilities came up ,among other concerns. If there was an advantage to it ,then every pro would be running it .

To Dual cool or not to Dual cool... Here's is my "Own Personal Opinion" and findings from trial and error testing with the various types of Pitbike oil coolers.

Full sixe MX race bikes have been equiped with radiator coolers for over 2 decades. The most efficient designs consist of 2 radiator halves, not just one; allowing more surface area to cool the passing fluid to better cool the engine. Yes, those are water cooled engines, but the science is still the same no matter what fluid you are passing through them to cool.

It's all about pump volume, pressure, passing, air and surface area to disipate the heat.

1) A high output, high volume oil pump will produce enough pressure and suffiicient oil volume to run 2 coolers also increasing the total oil capacity of the engine.

2) Surface area from a larger cooler = more surface area to disipate heat with.

*One thing to keep in mind with Billet coolers is the pass #, most low end style coolers make a double tube pass in the shape of a "U", most radiator style coolers or high end billet coolers make 3 passes in the shape of an "S", the more passes will equal more heat disipation than the low end coolers.

3) The science says that more surface area will increase the volume for more heat disipation per pass, keep in mind that doubling the surface area will not double the overall temp reduction, but in my own tests, adding a second cooler with sufficient pump pressure and oil volume can decrease temps as much as 13% over using just a single oil cooler alone and although; they are not as eye appealing the "Radiator" style coolers cool more efficiently than solid billet designs due to their ability to allow for more air to pass closer to the tubes within the cooler's surface .

It all comes down to money and preference. For some it is worth the extra money to run two coolers, and in a lot of applications there is only room for one, so get a good quality cooler for single cooler setups, and if there's room go for the twin radiator style, your engine will perform better on hot days and will keep you happy alot longer riding on it instead of wrenching on it, plus it will give your pitbike that "Big Bike" radiator style look as well.

We all know that pitbikes are as much about bling as they are about performance, so go for it.

What does an oil cooler do because I have heard that they help your bike cool down so you can rode for longer. My bike doesnt have one and it has to cool down sometimes so is it worth getting one for my pit bike

And also wat would a double oil cooler do? Would it improve performance or would it go for longer?

On an air cooled engine the oil does double duty as a coolant and lubrication. Well the cooler you can keep the oil the better it can keep its lubrication properties. That is the main advantage of the oil cooler, now which design is up for debate. More surface area is always better but the size has to be taken into consideration because the oil pump is only designed for so much volume. Bottom line oil coolers are a good idea for engine longevity and problems from oil related failures.

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