fuel range tc 250 ?

though there are many factors that effect fuel mileage,I was wondering what guy's are getting on there 250's for single track riding.I plan on doing a 55 mile loop,I'm thinking:ride: I should be o.k.?

No problem. Mike McCormick (x-pro) can do a complete 3 hr HS on his with fuel to spare. I am not even thinking about gas under 100kms.

Thanks Scotty!!,Hey if you have the time we are going to Michigan next week(wolverine),would really like to throw a leg over your wr 135!!!

TC 450, 2.1 gallon tank, 62+ miles trail riding on ranching and forest dirt roads, averaging 25-30 mph at 2500' to 4000' if that helps you figure it out for a 250. Steny

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