Massive OHV Turnout in SF Area RE: Eldorado OHV Plan

Below are links to video from the Aug. 2 Public Meeting in Pleasant Hill, CA regarding the

Eldorado National Forest's DEIS on Travel Management.

A California Enduro Rider Assn. representative asks the agency why there are such short public review

and comment periods when it took the Forest Service over 2 years to produce the DEIS and they want

to have the FEIS completed by Christmas 2007? Agency explains that the court order and complex issues

etc. are the reasons.

Over 300 off-roaders pack house in what many describe as the largest off-road oriented meeting in Bay Area

history. Most question the proposal to close about 75% of forest routes to OHV use.

The public comment period ends on Sept. 4. The BlueRibbon Coalition filed its request for an SEIS on

Aug. 2.

Glad to hear people are waking up. The question of the deadline is complicated, but it is definitely questionable from a process standpoint. But if they pull the Plan they will come back with more of the same. Hopefully they will modify the proposals to come up wtih something reasonable.

Keep the pressure on!

Not quite sure how complicated shutting down massive amounts of forest...I would like to shut down 75% of my work. Wouldn't that be great? Sorry, a bit cynical...