Quieting the Beast

I need a bike.:foul: I cant afford a four stroke, but my dad isnt into 2 strokes. HE thinks that they are too loud. I tried to convince him that 4 strokes are louder, just less winey. I really want a bike, so does anybody have any Tips to quiet down a 2 stroke, even if it means loosing power. And any tricks or parts to make the powerband more broad. Like a four stroke? Thanks a bunch

Get a fly wheel weight.

Get a quiet silencer. I think you can get 92 Db cans for 2's.

I agree with you. I thought 2's were louder but I think they're just more irritating. One of my sons has a KX125, the other had a YZ250F. Standing next to them the 125 seems louder but I heard the 250 last when going away and first when coming back.

Seems that the low pitch sound carries farther.

Yup, the 2-strokes sound doesn't seem to carry as far.

The 4-stroke noise is much lower which carries further.

Ok, keep the tips coming

look around for a quiet can or look for job :bonk::banana: haha just kiddin. but look around u can find some awsome deals on a thumper so look around a bit. and two smokes are not all bad by the way u can smooth them out, by the fly wheel, grearing, or even style of the pipe. all of these factors may tame the mighty two-smoke

Yeah, i have been looking around and FMF's Q Silencer is at 93 db

Good news, i think that my dad is finally caving in. But keep the tips coming.

Db snorkel. No power loss and lowered my bike's noise WAY WAY WAY down. It also seemed to add slightly more bottom end, without sacrificing any mid or top. Great product, looks a little funny, but it's mostly behind the # plate so you can't see it. Plus it is $60 cheaper than a new FMF "Q"!!!!


Good news, i think that my dad is finally caving in. But keep the tips coming.

if you could find a supertrap silencer for the specific bike that would kill the most sound depending on how many discs you put in it. look it up its about the quietest exuast silencer made. the more discs you have in it the louder, the less the quieter

I just think that what will end up happening is that i wil get an FMF Q or dB Snorkel, and only ride with it when i am up at the mountains, or near the neighbors, but otherwise, FMF Shorty, or Titanium here i come. HAha

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