Clutch noise and metal shavings???

I noticed lately when pulling in the clutch lever I get a ticking noise by the clutch. Almost like it is hitting the cover on the inside. It is faint but I can definately hear it. And, when I changed my Tranny Fluid I noticed a lot of metal shavings in the oil.

Any ideas what might be causing this and what I can expect when pulling the Clutch cover.


Kev (05 CRF450R)

Something is worn out. It's time to pull the clutch cover off and inspect the clutch/basket.

It sounds to me like one of the bolts that holds your clutch springs has backed it's self off. I would definatly suggest pulling your clutch cover off and see what is going on befor it does any further damage!

If it was my old CZ I would say that was normal! Hondas shouldnt make noise like that and I agree with the otheres to pull cover and inspect the clutch.

I pulled the clutch cover and fou d somee wear on the clutch cover inside on the top where the cover is bent parallel to the clutch cover bolts. As if when the clutch expands outward it touches on top outer part of it a tad.

Can I grind my cover a bit? It is a Boyseen Racing cover. Or is something loose with the clutch. The clutch spring bolts all where torqued to 9lbs.

I would pull the clutch apart and look at every fiber to make sure none are broke. When I was draining my tran. oil today I too had a lot of aluminum shavings. I pulled the clutch out, and had a broken fiber. That's the third fiber I've broke in the past 6 months. Hope this helps.

Is there any play in the clutch basket i.e. is the clutch basket bearing shot?

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