Sad.... {:-(......

Hey Guys,

I know this is not the right forum for this, but here goes. AS I am so far from home, I feel that this is where some of my friends reside.

My lovely neighbour, this old Russian woman that was very very sweet passed away a few days ago. Only found out last night. I am feeling pretty shitty today so I need some cheering up.

Fire away guys and insult me a little....


You're ugly and so's your bike and you ride like a little girl :)

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I always feel lucky when I have good neighbors, like I do now. No one ever has complained when I'm revving the bike or banging on my drums. Hope you cheer up soon.

Thanks Guys... :)

Arm wrestling and beer drinking contests... COUNT ME IN!!!!!


I've drank beers with Mitch. I can confidently say that the beer drinking crown will remain in the U.S. Now if we have a pentathalon where milk drinking and animal husbandry are events the aussies look very strong :).


I thought you guys were going to Moab to ride bikes not stump break cattle and molest sheep! :)

If any of the latter occurs, we'll expect pictures, but the bikes better be shown too!


No Brain, No Pain !

Mitch, your bike is uglier than I am...Oops, that didn't come out right!

Well, what I meant, not what I said.

Mitch, since you are Australian, does that mean we'll be having an arm wrestling contest in Moab, how about a beer drinking contest.

If we have the right kind of pictures/movies, we could sell them over the internet and make a MINT! Mitch (our "STAR ACTOR") could make a fortune!!!

What do you think Mitchy, $$$ for your bike shops!

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