Where to go to ride with my Husky Brothers/Sisters?

Hi all.

First order of business..I posted this here as I don't know where I might be going but I do know I would like to meet up with some of you, my Husky brothers and sisters and ride.

Here's the scoop.............

We have taken hard earned vacation time off to go campaign a car at Bonneville, SpeedWeek. As of today there is still 2-6 inches of water on the salt. We get the go-no-go late on Saturday from the SCTA. We are still hoping to go.


With all the time off..trailer packed, bikes ready why not ride?

We are contemplating Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho or Montana.

Looking for options and thought I would put it out here to see if we could maybe hook up with some locals who also enjoy the husky brand!:thumbsup:

Like I said..find out Saturday if we bake on the salt for 8 days or go ride for 8 days.

We are all ears and open for options and suggestions

Thanks all!

Sounds like the dates of speed week are firm, and you have arranged to take that time off.

What dates?

Yup..time off, closed up shops, got someone to feed the fish and water the plants. Find out Saturday if we are on for Bonneville..otherwise we have zero in the way of plans other than looking for another adventure.

We have the 8th through the 19th off. Need to travel to and from the bay area California to be back at work Monday the 20th.

I posted this as a very real maybe because I don't want it to be Monday morning and for us to be starring at each other scrambling up a solid plan "B".

Thanks in advance all!

Check my web site USA Husky rider list. Might be some riders listed in the areas you want to visit.:ride: teny

Didn't know there was a husky rider list!

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