1998 XR 250 Yes or No??

I found a xr for $1500. It is clean and in really good condition. Is there any reason I should not buy a 98 model. Any problems with that year model or anything I should look for that year. Is $1500 a good price on the 98? Thanks.

If the bike is in good usable condition, that's a decent price. Check it out carefully.

There are very few changes on XR250/400's from 1998 to 2004.

Other than not being red, it's about the same as a newer XR250.

Rust, neglect, and abuse are the only XR killers.

If the bike is in great shape, that is a great deal.

If the bike is in poor shape, it's a poor deal.

If you're wanting a fun trail bike that doesn't require a ton (almost no) maintenance, you've found the perfect bike for a good price.

I would grab each tire and shake it side to side. That should cover a gross check of the bearings in the wheels, and for the back the swingarm linkages too. It should start in just a few kicks (if not, it may need valves adjusted, which aren't a big deal, there's links from this forum that even have videos at youtube showing you how). If you don't hear any odd, rattlely sounds, the engine/drivetrain is probably sound.

Unless you break something major on it, there will be almost no depreciation. A buddy bought a '97 with electrical problems for $1250 a few months ago, so I think you're at a reasonable price.


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83 Z50R

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78 ATC90

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If it's clean, buy it!!!

If you show up to see the bike, and he's already "warmed it up" that's a sign that it's hard to start, or that it has bad valve guide seals and that it smokes. touch the motor to see if it's warm, also, touch the header too if you can.

It it looks like it's tongue would be on the ground if it had one, walk away. Look for surface rust, check things like levers, if they have play, wobble back and forth, look deeper at the bike. Definitely do the bearing and bushings check mentioned above. Look at the forks for seapage, as well as the shock. If you see oil on either there is more work, especially the shock. Look at the chain and sprockets, if they aren't maintained, what is?

While you are at it, look at the bottom of the frame, check for rust, dents, and pinholes.

You can look at a bike and see if it is maintained or neglected pretty quick. A neglected bike will hide many more issues for you. Believe me, you don't want a neglected bike. They suck, and keep you working on them instead of riding them.

Thanks for the info guys. I may go take a look at it. May even offer him less. His asking price is $1500. So he may negotiate a little.

Don't know if his price is high or I'm really low, but I have an 02 XR400 completley rebuilt(from bearings to carb to engine), street legal with the baja designs kit, trail tech vapor computer and all new plastic for $2200.


In cali, your dirtbike would be sold in a heartbeat being street legal. I hate our politics in cali!!!!!!

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