i want a cr250

hell, i have 2005 rmz250 and im not loving the 4 strokes, they have to much to worry about. so i want to switch over to a cr250 bc ive always loved Hondas. so i wanted to know if everyone could help me out on what a good price is on a cr250. im looking for something like a 2003 or up. but im willing to work with that a lil bit.

so just tell me good prices and what that year of bike has problems with.

thanks vinny

$2100 for '03

$2500 for '04

$3000 for '05

$3600 for '06

$4.3k for '07

well who makes the best 250 2 stroke?

Honestly, Yamaha is the best, with Suzuki a close second. Honda's handle great, but the case reed motors from 02+ require mods just to get them equal with the previously mentioned.

The YZ and RM engines are more snappy at low RPM compared to an '02 - up CR case reed motors, but the CR makes more overall peak power. My brief experiment with porting my '03 showed that the case reed motors can crank out a ton of power when properly tuned; just not at really low RPM.

You can HAVE my girlfriends '97. Wednesday night it put me on my ass.

my cr is ported/polished, its an 03, case-reed motor.. itll run with a YZ/RM now.. they can dish out power with the right modifications :excuseme:

im looking for some opinions here -- looking to buy a 250 two stoke, Im 5'9" 175 pounds and like both trails and a little track, i sold my 02 xr 200, i like hondas, and yami's too, any suggestions on what bike(between cr/yz), any maintnence tips -- any help = greatly appreciated

Dude where do you live in North Carolina, I live almost exactly between Benson and Smithfield if you live anywhere close we can ride dude! But personally if you have about $2,000 to spend in hop-up parts a new 04-07 CR250 would be unbeatable but box-stock a YZ250 is great. Dont get me wrong I have a 91' and 06' CR250 and I like them enough I'm getting ready to buy a leftover 05'CR250( its brand new).The only thing you have to decide is price range and what coler you like.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

i live in holly springs, and right now i have a 2005 rmz250 but its not running, but ya that would be fun to go riding

Dude i have no clue where Holly Springs is at but I dont think it is too far away. We need to ride sometime! I got alittle land around my place or we can go to a Good track(NCMP).

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