the ttr 90 needs some more pep!

Thanks thumpertalkers for all the riding and mod tips ... the bike is much more fun with your help! Hey - anybody have any experience with the ttr 90 - the 426 goes much better with a few free modifications - does anybody know about the 90? Also, was at the local shop today thinking new exaust might add a little pep. The pro circuit system is $250, the FMF $150 - got prices up to $500! Why would I spend the extra $100 on the Pro Circuit or more for something else, how much difference can there be? The parts guy says surf the net and see if can get some feedback. I can't imagine a better place to ask the questions than thumpertalk! Thanks guys!

Big Gun do one as well... adds a bit through the entire range... it is the only one I have seen over here... I was thinking of a mild cam grind for the son's bike... just a bit more duration... You are a bit limited in what you can change, you soon come up against the suspension limits... Try one needle clip leaner, that might give it a little more pull... I wonder how much flywheel weight could be trimmed off to get it revving a bit quicker...?

Let me know if you find anything else out...

When will Yamaha ever make a YZ65 - I would get one tomorrow... all I have is a high strung KTM or a Kwaka to choose from...


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