year comparisons for YZ250, sand riding

Next year I'm going to be looking to buying a YZ250 for the sand.

Anyone know the differences between the years ~1998 to ~2005?

Any recommendations/suggestions for sand/dirt riding?

Anyone made one of these street legal?

Wondering what I should be looking for... I'm a 5'7" rider, 135 pounds.

I have a 2006 DR-Z400S, but that does NOT work in sand :D


I had a 2000 YZ250 for sandy, deeply whooped powerline & tight, whooped, rooty woods riding, now I'm on an '07 after a 6 year layoff. I'm 5'9" 180 lbs.

I had the suspension revalved on the 2000, low end porting, and a VForce 2 reed. Compared to the stock '07 it hit harder, revved better, attacked big, deep whoops better, and was slightly lower than the '07.

The stock '07 has much better low end than the (low end) ported, reeded 2000. Stronger midrange, less wind out on top. The suspension isn't broken in yet nor fine tuned.

In sand, handling seems similar in my memory.

The biggest difference between the 1998 and 2005 would be the engine. The 98 was an older design. Nothing wrong with it, but not as nice as the current engine.

The bike was updated slightly each and every year. Buy one thats as new as you possibly can.

Obviously this does not including skipping a perfect 03 to get a thrashed 04, but getting the newest bike possibly is a good idea.

But a perfect '98 is worse than a trashed '99, right RC? :)

I read somewhere that in 2001 it received a new suspension or had some mods done to it... maybe it'll be worth going with at least a 2001 model.

But a perfect '98 is worse than a trashed '99, right RC? :)

Exactly. Still, I would not pay a ton for the older style motor. Not when so many new bikes are around for 3 grand.

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