new to vintage q's

I have recently been looking into racing vintage motocross, i love the old bikes and want to get a project bike to restore for racing and just riding. My question is what is how old does a bike have to be to get entered in a vintage mx class?

I was wanting to find one of these bikes to restore '85-'87 cr 125, '81-87 yz 125 or possibly around a 78 yz 250

How hard is it to get parts for these bikes? And are the parts expensive

Goog vintage motorcross. Every event and style will have it's rules. You could even get a 4t or something that is easier to fine parts for. Alot of these guys are older and don't really push it too hard. If you got a little worse bike, but made up for it in drive you would be fine competing with them. Have fun.

Go to the AHRMA web site to see the rules. Could be wrong but I think the bikes you have listed are too new. My 84 XR500 is not allowed.

Vintage is alot of fun and there are parts out there to be had.

Most of the vintage racing groups base their classes on AHRMA rules. That means nothing newer than 1984.

Get a 2stroke. The old thumpers are not competitive except with each other.

Visit the AHRMA web site.

I've been racing vintage (plus mod) for the past decade. It can be very competitive but it's also a lot of fun. Go for it.

PM me if you need more advice.

The parts can be very difficult to come by. Sometimes just about impossible. For the Japanese bikes Kawasaki is the best for parts. Honda used to be good, but they have gone to a 10 years parts support now. Yamaha and Suzuki seem to be the worst. After that support period it is only what they have left. The problem is those parts that you need most are the ones that get depleted first.

There are some companies that exist to support older bikes, they have some stuff. Other than that it's ebay. Sometimes you have to be your own parts source. Many rubber parts like seals on o-rings can't be had from the mfg, but you can get alternates by measuring them and finding equivalents.

thanks for all the advice, i have been researching it a little and think im gonna try it out!!

Look on the site and check their rules and classes, then just decide what bike you want and get started. Check out all the vintage links on the ahrma site and other vintage sites for the best info. Then get a shop manual for your vintage bike and you can start looking for parts on ebay. It is the best place I've found for vintage stuff. Then go to the races. It is the best place to talk to other vintage racers for tips and help. The vintage racers will help you anyway they can. The bike line up will range from Rat bikes to Pristine showroom racers. I've seen bikes break and another racer loan one of his bikes to someone to race. Just go and enjoy the day, race and check out all the vintage bikes. moto

I was surprised to see all of the '81 YZ125 parts I can get on E-bay. Didn't realize there were so many parts for such an unpopular bike. Just started vintage racing this year and a friend recommended having two bikes and enter at least two different classes, so I bought a '74 MX360 and would have to say, it was a good idea. It's nice knowing that if and when one bike breaks down that you have a backup bike to finish the day, especially if you drove a long distance to get there. Besides, if they stay together, you get a lot of racing in...:thumbsup:

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