X4 Fuel Leak

My X4 started to leak gas and I found that the fuel line coming off the on/off valve had been rubbing on the frame. Just wanted to bring this to any X4 owners attention, not sure if all the bikes are like this or just mine. Its a real simple fix, all I did was remove the fuel tank, unbolt the on/off valve, turn it around, re-bolt, and shorten the fuel line. You can still access the valve and it actually gives you more room for the air cleaner.



or you could get a longer hose, but hey what works, works

Well, its not the hose length causing the problem, the fact that the valve fires directly at the frame is the issue. No matter how long the hose is its still going to rub a hole in it.

ohh, i see, in the future would an aftermarket petcock valve slove this issue? i have noticed the way the valve fires at the frame, i do belive that other petcock valves are different than yours, yet made the same, you might be able to get an aftermarket part to solve your problem, ill check my bike and get back to you

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