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They're showing some rain in the early hours tomorrow, but only about a 30% chance. If it does rain...even a little...RV will suck. So, with that, I am planning on Union. I will keep an eye on the forecasts and update my intentions appropriately. It's been a couple weeks and I'm Jones'n for a ride. Maybe I'll see ya! :ride:

I'll probably be able to join you on the 11th or the 25th if plans work out.

Hey ne,

My brother is coming to town and barring the wife didn't put her foot down, he should be bringing his gear. I figure we'll hit RV unless it rains, but I've never been to Union. Can you get me a few details? Location, directs, cost, other pertinent information, etc.


That's an old description. It almost makes the place sound like a dump. It's a lot different from when those posts were entered. It definitely is more a natural terrain track than trails. There are some trails, but nothing like RV. The hill climbs available there kick the crap out of anything RV offers. You do have to definitely be interested in round-n-round track riding with jumps, woops, doubles, etc. to have a REAL good time there. I like it because it's great practice for me as I am still hoping to do an actual MX race this year out at Soaring Edge or White Sands. It's not for everyone, but I like it.

We'll see...if the rains stay away, we might go to RV instead (Brad would prefer RV.) I suppose we also need to work on our trail speed with the enduros coming up. I'll post again once I get it figured out for sure.

Good to information to know and definitely will be a place I will be trying out in the near future. My bro didn't bring his KTM so he'll be riding my cr250r and I can't imagine he'll want to hit a track on an unfamiliar bike.

It hasn't rained yet and hopefully it holds.

Yep, no rain. We'll be heading out of here RV. See ya there.

blaster, MMM, Bpinhigh, and a couple others...

Sorry we didn't ride together that much. I don't know what happened :excuseme: :excuseme: . It seemed like there was a lot of "losing each other" going on Saturday.

Bpinhigh - we stuck around for a bit after loading the truck in hopes that we'd see you and your buddy before we left, but alas, you didn't show and we were pooped. We'd been riding since about 9. We'll see ya next time.

Unless the weather turn too wet or other plans come up, I'll be at Union this Saturday early (8 - 8:30.) RV is going to suck even if it doesn't rain again before then. Maybe I'll see someone there. Brad has something else going on so it will be just me.

Later guys!

shep coudnt get his bike started so we let them two other fellers in front of us and you were gone. a place so small you would think we would run right back into each other. well it was fun while it lasted,

Blaster...forgot to'd the boy do in last Sunday's race?

Good chance I'll be there... Though I am kicking around the idea of hitting the previously postponed and possibly repostponed Mt Pleasant harescramble, but 4 hours one way is a bit much for a 2 hour ride...

Blaster...forgot to'd the boy do in last Sunday's race?
Wait a minute...that wan't this weekend was it? I'm so confused! :bonk:
Good chance I'll be there... Though I am kicking around the idea of hitting the previously postponed and possibly repostponed Mt Pleasant harescramble, but 4 hours one way is a bit much for a 2 hour ride...
Sounds good. If you go to Mt. Pleasant...GOOD LUCK! If not, maybe I'll see ya at Union. Union drains really good, but I'll call Marty tomorrow afternoon to get conditions. I'll post what I know.

The lady is out of town, so if I can get up I will be out. Mark just an FYI it looked like Union got a ton of rain last night. We didn't get much over this way. I will check RV some time Fri. and update.

I just look on The Weather

Council Bluffs got about 1.5 inches in the past three days, while Union got over 7.5, with almost 6 inches of it yesterday...

I sure hope Union drains like Mark said, cause 1.5 inches is still probably too much for RV to handle.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: 7 inches? OMG! Well, I'd have to agree that RV will probably be pretty sloppy even with 1.5". I'm hoping Union will be okay. The way that track is set up, all the water should drain off most of the riding area...but 7 inches is a lot! If Union is garbage then I'm gonna be pissed! Where else is there to go on short notice?

I can't really go anywhere far this weekend. I have a POD being delivered tomorrow. The house is sold and we gotta be outta here by 8/23. I got packing/storing to do Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. I'll probably be out for the next couple weeks getting this moving thing done. I'm hoping not, but I may not ride again until the Winterset enduro. Plus, I wanted to ride in the's gonna be too freakin' hot come noon and after.

Alright then...Mike, give us that RV report tomorrow. I'll call Marty and try to get a report on Union tomorrow afternoon.

:foul: :foul: :censored: :censored:

I am not even goinjg to look. It was raining like an SOB when I got off at 1:30 this morning. Looked like we got another 3/4 to inch this morning.

Sounds like your our only hope Mark... :worthy: Any word from Marty? :excuseme:

Talked to him about 4pm. He said the quarry only saw about three inches of rain. Said there were guys riding it today. He said the rain rutted a few things, but the track is rideable. It could be a little messy, but I think the place drains pretty good. I have the combo to the we can get in whenever we want.

Looks like the current forecast ( ) doesn't call for any rain in Union tonight/tomorrow, but it's gonna be a furnace. Right now, I'm planning on going. If I don't get a ride in tomorrow, it will probably be the Winterset enduro before I'm back on the bike. I'm planning on being there about 8am and will ride to noon-ish or till me or the bike quits.

If I change my plans, I will post before I leave (around 7am tomorrow morning.) Hope you guys can make it.

Good news! :applause:

I'm in, the bike is loaded the gear is packed and the alarm is set. I'll be up at 7:00 out by 7:15 and down between 8:00 and 8:30. I too will be out around until noonish or when it gets too hot to stand.

Looking forward to riding!!! :ride:

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