Question 4 Chris in Mohave YZ vs Cr


I'm real close to selling my 426 to get a new CR. I only ride mx, so I can care less about the off road asspects. Do you think the Cr would be a wise choice over the 426. This was my first 4 stroke, and although I think the bike is great, I have this feeling the the 2 stroke is still the way to go for MX.

Although I may make some people unhappy, SORRY GUYS, there is no doubt in my mind I could spin faster lap times on my CR than my WR. Now granted it is not a YZF, but my Honda felt much lighter and turned on a dime. I did race/ride it for 7 years, but that is my opinion.

I could not now ride my CR where I do ride my WR. I am happy with my Thumper.


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I will probably buy a CR250 in the spring, but will keep the WR400. Perfect combo of bikes.

We thought we knew you Kevin. :):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;):D:D:D:p

Seems like the last "Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stoke" test I read had pro riders going faster on premix but others going faster on straight gas.

I have never even been on a legitimate MX track but I too would think I would be faster on premix due to light weight.

But all the tests I have read the riders usually went faster on YZF unless they were expert/pro and also didn't get as tired.

So faster and not as tired on heavier bike. Doesn't make much sense, does it?

BTW, why the CR and not a premix YZ? Seems it'd be easier to make transition since frame geometry/ergos are same...

Kevin, you will be properly reprimanded for this blasphemy in Moab.

It's kinda hard to type with a proper German - think Kolonel Klink - accent.


Back in the middle of June, I went to the Mammoth Bar MX track in Auburn Ca., and I got the chance to ride a buddy's brand new

cr-250 y2k. It was surprisingly easier to ride than I thought it would be. My buddy and I switched back and forth throughout the day and noticed the WEIGHT difference only when jumping. The ergos on the cr were a little better, easier to transition front to back. The Wr was better where the power was concerned, more controlable. The thing I noticed on the cr though was the 2-stroke

vibration in my hands. That seemed to fatigue my hands where on the wr, the the sheer weight tended to wear on me. But, I really am splitting hairs here, because I am used to my wr . They are both great pics!


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