Yet another sprocket question

I want to bump up a tooth (or two) on my 07 450, I have the regina ORN6 (Grays advice)

I had to pull a few links off when I put it on and I am just wondering if I will have any hassles w/the new sprocket fitting with the chain. I'm at about the third notch in front on the blocks... Time is something I dont have enough of and any that I can save helps me alot so I figure If I have to reinstall any links I d like to know up front before I waste any time goin' in blind.



You should be OK if you have a half inch or so of axle slot available. You can also run a second master link and one link of the chain you took out, if you use a genuine Regina ORN6 master. I've been doing that on my '03 for over two years, no problem.

Thanks Gray...

Your the man,


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