Was on FTR board and was told to come here or an answer.

Go to Thumpertalk and look up the forum for Dr Mark.. he's got some good advice on how to test yourself.. he helped my with my MCL issue.

I'm sure there is tons of knee info, but every case has to be different , he is mine. Tell me what you think

Not sure if it is my ACL or what. I've had a bum knee now for 15yrs. Hurt it playing basketball and has always had that lose feeling.

Two weeks ago I was doing some riding in croom on my dirtbike. Just happen to catch a root with my boot and it spun my foot outward. Couldnt bear any weight on it for a day. Now it has been close to two weeks and still little swollen. It is swollen or holding some water on the LCL side and a little below the patella.

It I stand and tighten the quad, it hyperextends a little and put pressure on the bottom of the knee cap(patella). I have full mobility and no pain.

Now I'm sure if I tore something, it would hurt allot more. I'm thinking that I might of strained or stretched the ACL.

What do you guys think or has anyone dealt with this. Will a strained or stretched ACL heal at all? Should I make an appointment with a doc? I've been wearing a knee brace with hinges and icing it down .

I posted this yesterday. Today , it feels better. Still a little loose, but not too bad. LCL is still swollen or at least in that area. Was told the Doc here has some test I can try to see how bad it is hurt or if I just strained it

Almost certainly its an ACL issue. That is the only issue that stays around for 15 years in a dirt biker.

See if you can get your doc to order an MRI.

If its torn, come and visit me. I wll give you your old life back. (if you can remember that far)


Thanks for the advice, does it sound like it is torn or just strained? Why is it starting to feel better? If it is just strained , what will they recommend to do?

I'm also a weight lifter and I've always done leg extensions to build the muscle around the knee to help support the knees(along with heavy hamstring work,deep squats, heavy leg presses, etc. But I do allot of cardio too, at least 40 minutes 3-4 times a week). Someone told me yesterday at the gym, an PTA for an ortho, said you have some much mass on your quads that is why it is supported. This wouldn't mask any injuries would it?

Thanks for the help and you would have to work on my memory to remember what it feels like. I hurt my knee for the first time when I was 22 yrs old, goofing off at the FD playing basketball. I went to the hospital, they took x-rays and that was it. For the next two months, I rode the stationary bike, did leg extensions and iced it allot. I was on probation and couldn't miss a day since I was just hired. I would just super wrap it and push through the day. Took tons of glucosamine and chondriton. Which I still do in monavie active.

Maybe I'll call Stallone and get some HGH to heal my knee, LOL

With an unstable knee, it always get better, until the next time it goes out on you.

Ultimately when the post traumatic arthritis is well established, the pain will become constant. Hopefully, you will have this taken care of before you reach this stage.

ok, thanks. I'll get it checked.

It is the same injury as before. After the first one, I was never able to sit on my feet, like kneeling down. The bottom of my patella always hurt. That is what it is doing now. If I try a quad stetch and try to touch my heel to my butt to stretch the quad. I can't do it all the way and I get pain towards the bottom of my patella. It has been like that since the first injury, just without the pain

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