More entertainment during Moab, not just Mitchy!

I really don't have any clue what the night life (What night life?) there is in Moab after a day of riding. I figured we're going to be too tired to hit the night clubs (what night clubs), but then again, we'd be the only ones there. I will be bringing my video cam so my wife, Alisa, will finally get to see some of the guys I talk about on a daily basis. Plus, when Mitch gets trashed, and starts dancing around with the lamp shade over his head (I did that to a girl once), I WANT IT ON FILM!

What I was going to mention is, for those of you who haven't seen them, I will bring out my Gary Bailey riding videos if anyone is interested. There is too much to take in, but maybe you can pick up something (re-grip and elbows). Of course, there may be a lot of VERY HAPPY PEOPLE who may not be interested in watching videos after a full day of roostin'. For those of you that want to see them though, I will be happy to bring them. Maybe I should make some copies and give them out during for the Cow Riding Contest, Beer Drinking Contest and Best Legs awards. :)


Based on my limited exposure to Mitch, I have a feeling that dancing w/lampshades is tame, PG-13 entertainment for Mitch.

Bring the Gary Bailey videos, I've read thru his book(s) and thought it was very educational - I'd love to see the videos.


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