which tires

i`m sure this has been beat to death, but can i get some opinions on some good tires for soft to intermediate condition that people have been happy with? i have mich. s-12 now,great in the sand and mud but little slippery in the hard pack.

Any Maxxis tire made for soft to intermediate terrain, great tires. :thumbsup:

Michelin MH3's a versatile tire...

Kenda Millville is good.

how has the wear factor been on ur s-12's? my friend just picked one up for his tt-r250 and i was wondering if they were going to wear faster than my pirelli mt-16 on my kdx220 because i was told a while ago that the s-12's would grip really well in the mud(no sand in PA) but would wear fast and not grip well like u said on hardpack, which my buddy and myself ride sometimes at a slag dump

the S12's do wear extremely fast if not just used on sand/loam/mud/soft dirt... Thats what my experience with them has been...

But a TTR250 being a low performance 4 stroke, yes it probably would last OK...

yup they wear fast on hard pack

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