Urban Myth Revealed

Well boys (& girls) it has been confirmed that Mitch from Oz does exist. I have no proof to offer as my digital camera seems to have gone on the fritz - the picture of Mitch didn't turn out. There was a hazy blur where Mitch was standing.... I don't have a good explanation. You will have to take my word that I did meet a guy from Australia named Mitch that rides a WR400. I don't think it was an imposter as the person had WAY too much knowldge about the WR. For those of you who still doubt his existence I have only one thing to say "See you in Moab"


Hazy blue and didn't come out on film?


My theory could still be true. Could he be a ghost? I hear they don't show up on film! You didn't try and touch him did you Brian?

If he is a ghost, he should be an awesome rider since a ghost wouldn't get hurt in a crash!

We'll know for sure in Moab.


An Urban Legend, a Ghost, a Myth.... Well now, it appears you have discovered my secret powers..... One hole in your theory though gentlemen, it bloody hurts when I crash... :)

Am I the real Mitch, only a blood test will tell. We will have that blood test in Moab as I am certain to have atleast one get off.... :D

Mystery Mitch

Oh yeah I forgot to mention -

"Moab, lock up the women & children (I'll pull the first punch - don't forget the sheep) - Mitch is gonna be in town"



Not just the sheep, I am a little tired of them... You know what it is like, "cotton mouth".... :)

All jokes aside, I think the local authorities in Moab will have a hard time, particularly as there will be anywhere from 20 to 30 riders in the UNOFFICIAL group and I am guessing that atleast 30% wont have working lights and 20% wont even be road registered, if not more. Afterall, trying to catch a guy on a dirt bike, in the sand, while driving a police cruiser is impossible...... :D

Also, the bars, they are going to have one hell of a work out. I am sure I can down about 100 of those reduced alcohol beers that they supply in Utah.. :D

Two months and 2 weeks to go.....


Mitch I'm planning on throwing caution to the wind and will bring real beer w/us. It's my own little rebellion....



I will be picking up some New England beer, probably Sam Adams, in Denver before the hike out to Moab.

For you Denver guys, are there any microbreweries out there that bottle their own stuff? I am looking for some good black stout, or any wheat beers.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark, got forked by Pro Action, WAITING IMPATIENTLY FOR MOAB!!


Hey Kevvie,

Sam Adams is my favorite beer. I love that stuff.... Eli and I will be bringing about 4 cases of beer... Carona, Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada... A case a night... {:-)

Are we hauling bikes or beer to Moab?


OK, this is not a problem.

Mike Brooks - Dodge V10 Diesel

Eli - Toyota T100 Tundra

Mikes truck can tow about 10,000lbs. So, three bikes + gear, 1,000lbs. That leaves 9,000lbs for beer... :)


You think 9000# is going to be enough? :)

I too have seen the one they call "MITCH".

I wanna see this V10 diesel - mine's just a puny little straight 6 :)


No worries Brian.

Moab doesn't have many women or children. Just bikers, motorcyclers and jeepers. All ugly too.

However, there are some big horn sheep out on the trails.



Mine's a straight six just like yours (still a kick ass engine). I think Mitch was giving you the metric equivalent :).

Straight Six.... Damn you yanks make wimpy cars.... When I was a boy, they made cars that were so fasttttt.... :) I bet my dads car can beat your dads... :D

I am sure it is more than enough. Afterall, a redline of 2,500rpm must have a hell of alot of torque... Hell, the Mercury Cougar V6 I am driving revs out to 8,000 and no redline... I had that pupy upto 7,500 and she screamed like a ... well, she screamed...

Screamed...It was your car that screamed...right? :)

I am here to say that not only have I met Mitch, but he was my room mate for close to a year. The only thing sloppier than his riding style is his personal hygiene. I feel entitled to make these slanderous statements because he has roped me into driving his malodorous carcas to Moab :)

See you in moab (I'll be the one with the Australian in tow).


I think the moral of the story is don't buy a rental car :).

Originally posted by Mitch from Oz:

Mike Brooks - Dodge V10 Diesel

Eli - Toyota T100 Tundra

Mikes truck can tow about 10,000lbs. So, three bikes + gear, 1,000lbs. That leaves 9,000lbs for beer... :)

Come on! A V10 diesel? :D

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