Clutch Cylinder Issues....HELP PLEASE!

So I gradually began losing pressure in my clutch on the 07 EXC525. I popped the cylinder cover and sure enough....NO FLUID. I followed the directions in the manual and added the mineral oil, bled it, and it worked for 1 day. No pressure the next day. I pull the cover off the cylinder and the rubber gasket inside is literally swollen to twice its size. I then find out I'm not supposed to use mineral oil AS IT STATES in the owner's manual. So today I put in DOT 4 BRAKE FLUID with the new rubber gasket and STILL NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER! I'm getting kinda frustrated with it. Is it possible my cylinder is bad? I only have 1K miles on the bloody thing! Any feedback appreciated.

I can not recal which way it is its either

Brembo = brake fluid

Magura = oil and you can not mix!!!! On Magura, they say "mineral oil" and what they mean is "oil". Then they sell us automatic transmission fluid for 96 times the price of ATF.

The cylinders seldom fail without the wrong fluid but it has happened, what is more common is the hose fails from external damage and the amount of leak that will disable the system is so tiny you may not see it!!

Go buy rebuild kits, as you put it back together clean the line white glove clean!! Fill with fluid from the bottom with a syringe, pump the lever a few time and run that white glove up and down the hose

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