i am thinking about buying an XR 250 and was wondering if any one had any suggestions on a year and or mods? i new to biking and dont need too much power but enough to get me around technical trails and climb some hills

my thought is, newer is almost always better, but it really depends on the condition. There are some "newer" bikes out there that have had the crap beat out of them too. So, condition, condition, condition. As far as mods, see what is comes with, again, USUALLY the more mods the better, then go from there.

In '96 the XR250R was extensively improved, frame, engine, suspension, etc. There were a few changes since, not much.

lets say i get one and it is completly stock what aort of mod would you suggest

Look up on the main XR250/400 page and you will see the words "Gordon Mods"

That is all you will ever need, Until you start buying aftermarket stuff !!!

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