'08 WR250F vs which KTM?

I'm thinking of going KTM for 2008 but have not decided--I like the '08 Yamaha WR250F, maybe just wait another year. I'm sure I don't need a 450--really don't need the power or weight or price. I'm just a fat and slow trail rider, mostly single track--maybe a level 5 on a 10 scale. I really want e-start because I'm getting lazy!

Does KTM have a 250cc four stroke EXC for '08 in the USA? I can't seem to find info on this. If not, can I easily covert one of the other's to street legal?

What about the 300 EXC-E--now that sounds appealing, but not sure I like the 2 stroke idea.

Advice appreciated!


3+horse power

5+kilos lighter

better breaks


better suspension

stronger engine

honda slipping

Does KTM have a 250cc four stroke EXC for '08 in the USA? I can't seem to find info on this. If not, can I easily covert one of the other's to street legal?

What about the 300 EXC-E--now that sounds appealing, but not sure I like the 2 stroke idea.

do you need it to be street-legal to connect a few trails here and there? or for more extensive street-riding? i vastly prefer 2-strokes for trailriding, but some folks like the 4-strokes better. one thing 2strokes don't do well imho is steady state pavement riding.

no street legal 250 for 08. i'm pretty sure just the 450 and 530.

honestly, the yamaha is pretty darned good bike for the riding you're talking about. reliable, good suspension, good handling. my impression of the ktm 4-stroke 250 (only ridden one, a 2007 xcf) is that it's a higher-strung racier bike. the wr250f is a bit lazier relaxing-er bike.

i prefer a 200 or 250 2-stroke to either one for serious offroading tho.

I have a 07 KTM 250xcfw it is a much better race bike but you cant be a pud on this model or lazy rider and maintainer. the yamaha are good trail bikes off the floor, I myself would go the WR for TR and may would even race it if it wasnt for the beer can frame.

Take the time to do a search between the two. I took a lot of time and decided orange. Good luck on your decision.

I choose orange any day. That makes me biased I suppose. I've had KTM's for quite a while. I've also ridden and helped friend's their japanese bikes. Maintenance on the KTM's seem a lot more friendly than on the Honda's. I'm talking turing the wrench and all the quick access stuff. I was working on my friend's CRF 450X and had to use a socket to take the headlight off.

KTM's have rubber straps to unhook for quick release. The Honda requires use of two different oils in the motor. KTM uses one oil for the engine. KTM uses one bolt for removal of the seat. Everyone else uses 2 bolts. The airbox is easier to remove the air filter on the KTM and no bolt to hold the air filter in place. The honda has quarter turns and a wing nut screw holds the filter. The KTM air box is bigger and easier to get your hands around to seat the air filter. The Honda is cramped to reach around inside.

I know I said Honda a lot... just make sure that you check out before buying. KTM does a very good job of designing their bikes. They truly are race ready and require very little set up to perform off road.

I was just about to buy a WR 250 having always like Yamaha, but I statred looking at the KTM 250 XCF. Well on Friday afternoon I purchased the KTM, every single component on the bike seems to be top notch. IMO the Yamaha is a really nice bike just not as simple and functional as the KTM.

I rode the KTM yesterday to start the breakin. Then I stripped it down this morning to clean everything up and to familiarize myself with the bike.

Everything on the bike is thought out perfectly, a marvel of engineering.

I love it, can't wait until it is broke in so I can really let it loose.

Thanks for all the input. Too bad KTM doesn't have a 250 4 stroke EXC that is street legal. I need street legal and sometimes need to go 20 miles or more on pavement. Last year on the MCCCT, the street legal-ness and 4 stroke was nice going into towns for gas and food, and connectiing the trails.

I used to have a KTM--it was a Penton 125cc 6 Day--I WISH I STILL HAD THAT BIKE!

Whoops--some how hit send too soon! I really like the function before form and quality of that bike. OK--back to the WR v KTM thing--I think I would jump on KTM next year if they had the 250 EXC in 4 stroke--too bad. So, it look like WR again. I really don't like the two strokes any more--they smell, I need to carry oil, too pipey--but I have not ridden one with a WR tranny or a fly wheel weight in many years, so maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusions so fast! When I looked at my '02 WR, I was also considering a KTM 200 EXC. $ was tight, so I opted Yamaha. My son is selling his '04 YZ250F so he can get an '08 YZ250F, so maybe I can swing a 2 bike deal with the local shop. Maybe jump on orange in '10 or so.

BTW--a couple years ago, I road some nice trail up to Boon with a fellow age 76 called Young Ted. He was on an '02 KTM 250 EXC 4 stroke. I kid you not. I believe the bike was a sleeved down 400 and the specs for it were in Austrian--he had to have it translated. Street legal and nice running bike with e-start. He had connections!

If it's easy to plate a dirt bike in Michigan, I would go with the KTM 250 XCFW over the WR! A WR isn't going to be plated from the factory either so you'd have a bit better bike (IMO) to start off with. The XCFW is the same as an EXC (available in 450 and 525 only) without the plate and stuffed up emissions.

Once you go orange, you'll never go back!


I know you were asking about the KTM, but you also said that you would like a 250 4stroke street legal bike. Take a look at the Husqvarna TE250.

Lots of info and reading on the Husky forum. I am a former 400exc owner who now rides a TE450. I am a mechanic by trade and thought the KTM "was" easy to work on.....until I got my Husky.:ride:

I loved my KTM and now I love my Husky....both are awesome rides

I agree if it has to be street legal go with the Husky, the KTM is easer to tag than the WR (as the WR will have OFF ROAD on the title) and the KTM doesnt. The Husky has a street title.

In my opinion, I'd suggest going with the Yamaha. Unless you really like to tinker with your equipment, the Yamaha will be a better "out-the-door" package. Also, the linked suspension is just better at most everything. I know I'll probably get slammed for this last comment, but after having lived with an 06' 450 EXC for the past seven months, I think I have a pretty good feeling about KTM's strong suits and weaknesses. Also, I'm not really that much of a "hot-shoe" myself. I find the 450 series the perfect all around bike. You can lug them to death, and they still just come back for more. My riding buddy (who started out with a 525 EXC) just bought a WR because he was tired of the constant attention KTM's seem to need. His Yamaha is certainly a nice bike, but so are the KTM's. It just depends on which direction you want to go.

I love the WR, but the TE might be a better choice. The fact that it comes street legal is a big selling point. No screwing around purchasing parts, or trying to get a mechanic to sign off on it. If at some point you want a little more power, you can buy a 300cc kit which is supposed to be relatively easy to install.

All this said, I drive a DRZ 250, and it does everything I need it to for now. It does not require much maintance, and it stands up to my abuse well. At the end of next season, I will likely look for a lightly used TE250 when I get some more experience.

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