Jetting Question for Stock 2006 250f

My bike is piped and jetted now, but I recently wrecked and banged up the exhaust pretty bad. So I am going to swap the stock exhaust back on and need to know the hot ticket for jetting a stock bike. I am near sea level and ride mostly moto. The bike has a 172 main 42 pilot and needle #16187-0093on the third clip (i think). I did a search but did not see much for the stock bikes.

This might sound stupid but why don't you just run the settings in the manual, you near sea level so the stock main, needle, pilot and mixture screw settings should work fine or at least give you a starting point.

Yeah if I don't get a good response then that is what I will do. It's just that even at sea level I rarely see bikes that have "good" factory stock jetting.

Keep the jets that you have in there already. Just adjust the fuel screw until it sounds and feels ok, as long as your not popping on deceleration everything will run fine. (pop on deceleration=turn fuel screw OUT)

im around the same elevation what you have should work for the stock pipe...try it out...the pilot is good for sea leve-2000 ft. try checking the main and the needle circuit...a really cool tip is to find a long field, long enough that you can coast at 1/2- WOT for like 10 seconds or so. what i did was warmed it up with the same plug then turned it off and put in a new plug in. Then i started it and Ride the bike at 1/2 throttle position making sure the throttle is always at a steady position,so the accelerator pump isn't activated. Then go up from 1/2 to full throttle position. At the end of the course, pull in the clutch and hit the kill switch and "Do not allow the engine to idle or coast to a stop" basically pull in the clutch, kill it, and dnt coast just hit the brakes...then inspect the plug and look into the electrode

if its white=lean

if its black and wet= rich

tan colored= goog main jet.

after that you can fool around withthe neeedle position by changing positions and checking which is best to work with the pilot and main circuit

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