Helmet cam footage from Ocala Nat'l Forest

Watch the volume.....:thumbsup:

you guys need to go to some mountains and ride some single track.... cool vid

cool man i m iss trail ridin

We ride the mountains once a year. Western NC mostly, I rode there in June but I didn't know how to properly run the camera then. Going back in October.

good vid, looks like a blast. i love ridding fast trails like that. great choice on the music to.:thumbsup:

Very cool, I need a helmet cam!! Anyone have one for sale?

Chris, Motocomm (two n's) is the brand I found to be the best dollar for dollar. Don't be fooled by helmet cams for $119. That is with out a recording device. I paid 259.00 for my entire package it is a helmet cam and a digital camera,mp3 player(comes with speakers for your helmet if you want). It has a 2.5 inch color screen for playbacks and weighs maybe 10oz. Hope this helps.

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