Pro Tapers worth it?


I'm looking for feedback on the Pro Taper bars. I bent my Renthals last weekend and need a new pair. What do you like or don't like about them?

I've been tooling with the Pro Taper idea becuase my top triple clamp has a bolt hole completely stripped and I thought I'd take this opportunity to go with the Pro Taper setup. Do they come in a high bend? I understand they flex, does that bother anyone?

Do they hold up to crashes? My Renthals lasted through many crashes until this last one. I have been satisfied with Renthal but I may want a dampner one day and I know they fit better with the PTs.

That brings up another Q. Will the Scotts dampner fit on the Pro Taper triple clamp? I know Scotts has the entire setup for a discount but I want to wait till next season to get the dampner.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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Do bark busters bolt right up to Pro Tapers?

Do you have any hand protection for your bike? If you don't, they are real cheap insurance for a broken hand.

I replaced my bars with some pro-tapers and i really like them. They come in three different heights of bend, low, med and high. I went with the low bend but used the clamp kit which bolts on to the standard top yoke, this in its self raises the bars about an inch.I find them very comfortable and can possition them farther forward than other bars. I have not noticed them flex or move about and I don't think they are kinder to your arms.I haven't stuffed them yet but I have seen a pare broke at my dealers (very heavy crash). On the hole I would say they were worth it but I did not buy the triple clamp.


I've ridden bike with pro-tapers and I did not care for the flexing. It clouded the feed back from the front end.

Just my .02 cents

I run the Renthal Jimmy Button Highs


Dougie, that's an interesting question you raised about the Scott's Dampener not fitting very well on Renthal's. Does anyone have experience with this, and if so, could you shed some light on it for me? I really want a dampener, but do not to bend the top support bar on my Renthals (something tells me that this defeats the purpose of it. :) )

The other point that Kev brought up is valid also. All the barkbusters that I am familiar with require a special adapter for Pro Tapers....additional weight and cost that I really don't need.

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I switched to Pro Tapers a number of years back and have always used them since. I went throught the Renthals, etc. but love the Pro Tapers. As to strength this is proven through engineering and calibrated testing the Pro tapers are much stronger and more resilant than any conventional handle bar. Since I ride everywhere I always cut a half inch to three quarters of off each side of the bar to make them narrower for the forest and also run Acerbis rally guards on the bars. This makes the bars much stiffer and I do not notice any flex while riding. I highly recommend Pro Tapers mainly for their strength I have never bent a pair since I started using them approx 10yrs.

The Scotts upper tripple clamp stack with the dampener included is a excellent deal and all of the highest quality and maxiumum cool factor I feel this is the only way to go.

My thoughts


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Renthal makes bars that are compatible with the Scotts dampner. They're basically regular Renthals with a bowed cross bar. Check out the Scotts website: (I think)


I originally started using ProTapers on my KX500 to help reduce the vibration felt thru the bars. They made a very noticable difference UNTIL I put Acerbis Rally Guards on them. Some of the vibration came back but not as much as with Renthals. I have two sets of PTs - CR Hi & Desert Hi. The Desert Hi's are on my WR w/Thumper Racing +1" bar risers - great combo for me. The WR doesn't vibrate to begin with so the advantage of the PTs isn't quite as apparent.

I have yet to bend the PTs.


Originally posted by Wilbot:

Renthal makes bars that are compatible with the Scotts dampner. They're basically regular Renthals with a bowed cross bar.

I run a DeMarini twinwall. These bars also have a bowed cross bar but you have to flip it over to clear the Scott's. I also removed and rotated 180 deg.s arm on dampener (damper, dampner, dampener?) which consequently rotates dampenwhatever unit 180 deg.s. This moves dampenthingy's controls away from crossbar and makes 'em more accessible.

I had Pro Tapers on my KX 500 and also did not like flexy feedback. DeMarinis on YZ did cut down on vibration, Cycra handguards fit perfect, have wadded bike up pretty bad (bent handguard and squished radiator) but bars are still perfect.

I believe DeMarini twinwalls (or whatever they are called) are about same price as Pro Tapers (like $140).

Even though you want to wait on the Scotts, their offer w/ the clamp, dampervagnugen and Pro Tapers is a smokin' deal.

In my mind, are they woth it?

Without a doubt.

Some days I can be crash king and on some of my worst days I have never bent a set of Pro-Tapers.

Besides the fact you have to get special mounting equipment to accomodate a set of protapers I cant see paying $60-$70 for a set of renthals when protapers are $100.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

I've been running tapers for about a year now.

In that time I would have wrecked about 5-8 sets of Renthals.

Rethals are like butter compared to tapers.

I did bend them when I had my accident in January.. only about 2-3 mm on one side though.. ars straightened ok but I'm still wrecked! :)



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Its funny you mentioned that your bars bent matt.

I had a ugly crash at a MX track this summer and my Protapers were bent bad. I was considering going down the road to the local shop to see if they had another pair I could throw on but I decided to ride the rest of the day with the ones I had, but when I got home I noticed THEY WERE STRAIGHT!!!

Weird eh?


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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