x-games schedule

what time is the moto-x stuff

me and my dad are goin to see the bourne ultimatum tonight but i wanna make sure im home in time to watch the stuff.

900 is some motorcycle stuff, step up i think.

step up? uhhh is that the same thing as high jump?

im mainly concerned about fmx

its live on epsn at 9 eastern time.

when is the SX and SM part?

its live on epsn at 9 eastern time.

is that the fmx?

yeah comes on at 9-11 on the east, step up and bmx big air

ok thanks

noooooooooooooo i missed the best trick, has someone recorded it?

i heard there was going to be a motocross race. Is that true?

i missed it but my dad saw the fmx yesterday. i heard a guy crashed trying to do a double backflip and his bike got stuck wide open and blew up

:eek: Just tuned it in. This bmx monster roll-in and quarter pipe is SICK!!! The news just showed a skater falling from very high up. 40ft. maybe? I dont know, the thing is fricking huge!:worthy:

Moto X step up is starting any minuite now

any minute dumb commercials

Carmichael said he was going to try it. That would have been interesting.

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