Best bike to do hare scrambles for 175 lbs

I'd like to do hare scrambles but the closest bike I have for something like that is my 300 lb drz enduro 470 which is great for general mountain/desert riding but not as good in the tight stuff. I'm considering the yz250. Any thoughts?

I dont know what level of a rider you are but Id consider a YZ250F or a WR250f if you want a light. They are both great bikes, and pretty light and flickable.

The WR250F or CRF250X. Both of them are electric start which I think is key. Both are more dependable then the mx versions. I have an 01 wr 250 f and I weigh 285 pounds. Everythiing on my bike is bone stock and it works mint for. I am a 2 stroke MX racer and I think the 4 stroke is the better bike in the woods.

Buy what feels right for you. The ergo's of the bike should be a consideration. The more comfortable you are on the bike the better your endurance will be.

Thanks for your replies. Will research these bikes and do more searches in this group. As far as my dirt riding ability, wouldn't know how to rate them. Have ridden all kinds of terrain except deep sand on the drz. Have done a lot of mountain bike riding and while different, I'm used to going fast over obstacles rather than slow from that. The terrain that I have the most trouble with at this point is single track mountain switchback horse trails... particularly when there are cliffs on one side. My favorite kind of riding is desert terrain, I think I'm fair at that.:thumbsup:

Look at the bikes at HS races - they are nearly ALL 2-st YZ250 or KTM's. There is a reason for that. :prof:

Look at the bikes at HS races - they are nearly ALL 2-st YZ250 or KTM's. There is a reason for that. :prof:

The only reason is because they start easy after a fall.

The only reason is because they start easy after a fall.

And they don't overheat as easy, they are lighter, dead engine start is far easier, you are running in straight displacement classes. I could go on...

What about a 2008 KTM 200 or 250 XC-W (2-stroke) with E-start. The 250 is the bike I have been researching and think it's pretty awesome for that kind of riding. I'm planning to run Western PA harescrambles next year on it.

I compared it to a modded YZ250 and a uncorked WR.

The YZ's are easier to find and cheaper but need a lot of mods to increase the bottom end. The XC-W has an adjustable powervalve that controls the 'hit'. Different settings for different terrains. It can be set to make the bike have the torque of a 4-stroke.

another vote for the 250xcw, my 450exc beat my ass at the last harescramble and if it was tight switchback horsetrails I would have been in bigger trouble. As it was I was at the ambulance being treated for heat exhaustion.

I ride with guys who all have 250XC, 250XCW, 300XC, 300XCW.... there great bikes but for slower rocky terrain the XC sucks, the gearing is nice but the XCW comes with way better valving in the forks, the XC is a GNCC fast Enduro machine and the XCW is exactly what you are looking for.

The guys I rode with kept cranking down on the powervalve spring to reduce the hit when it was slippery.

Whoever can control the wheelspin out of the turns wins....... with the adjustable powervalve and heavy flywheel the XCW is the best choice out there. The gas cap sucks so put an oring on it.

If I was not worried about getting sued I'd have a cap made from billet to sell, that will make some money as even the recall cap does not cut the mustard.

KTM250XC, it'll blow the doors off your drz.

I would tend to lean toward the Japanese bikes for reliability, easy to get parts and price but not ruling out KTM. Do most of you add your own protection (skid plate, hand guards, case savers, rad guards) or are these models pretty bullet proof coming out of the box? Also what are the most common power mods you tend to make e.g. cams, bigbore, exhaust, jetting? Initially I guess I'd put on as much protection as possible and run a few races stock and see how I do.

yz250 is your best bet

Hey I'll be riding western PA hs at Switchback. You know where that is?

Not in Florida. Deep sand requires more power and hookup. 450's rule.

Hey I'll be riding western PA hs at Switchback. You know where that is?

i think it out in Pittsburgh, i never have been there, but good luck:thumbsup:

If your courses are tight, I think a 250F or the KTM200 would be your best bet. I think a 450F or 250 2-stroke is too much power (unuseable) in tight stuff and you'll fight the bike more. 250F or a 200 would have plenty of power for a 175 lb rider.

I'll have to differ w/Greg's opinion.:busted: I run an '07 YZ250 in nothing but power robbing sand, some open power lines, mostly very tight woods w/roots, logs, etc. Here the 4 strokes stall a lot, overheat in the summer, and are hard to restart. In the tight stuff I can usually lug the bike a gear high and have very smooth power, with burst on demand w/the slip of the clutch.:thumbsup: With a flywheel weight (mine's still on order) the hit can be tamed down to 4 stroke levels, and you retain all the advantages of a 2 stroke.

I did ride a WR250 and it was a lot easier to ride for a long time in the heat, but with a FWW I think it'll be very close. For HS a YZ250F would be better than a WR250F I would think.

If Yammie made a YZ350F (250 weight) that is what I'd be riding.:crazy:

See if you can get a ride on a couple of different bikes before you make a decision.

I'm with SkiDaddy. I also have an '07 YZ250. I ride and race single track, varying degrees of tightness, and it is the ticket. Super usable power, can ride it pretty easily a gear high, weighs next to nothing which makes it feel like a 50hp mountain bike, restarting after a fall or stall is nothing...I could go on and on. I picked up the YZ about 2mo ago after coming off a WR250F.

its gotta be yz250

Hey Yerf, you running a FWW? How heavy?

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